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Fan Theories About Melisandre

Updated 14 Jun 2019 57.7k views12 items
Melisandre has divided fans throughout the course of the show and books of the Game of Thrones series. By the end of season five, all of the Melisandre and Stannis theories were chucked out the tower window. And with the long-awaited resurrection of Jon Snow in season six, Melisandre Game of Thrones theories were running wild. The Red Woman certainly didn’t seem so sure of her powers when Davos asked her to bring Jon back to life, but she had enough gas in the magic tank to pull it off all the same. Shows you what a quick nap without a heavy choker will do for you.   
In the process of making one of the most popular Melisandre theories come true, the Red Priestess said a lot of fancy Valyrian things, cut Jon’s hair (a little inside joke at the fans there, maybe), and then simply said, “Please.” Turns out, that’s all the gods needed to hear.  
Maybe Melisandre’s humility played into the awakening of the Lord Commander. And just maybe the combination of Davos, the Crows at the door, the Wildling army, Ghost, and the dire situation, in general, was the trick to bring Jon Snow back. One of the popular Melisandre/Jon Snow theories is that Snow is the returned Azor Ahai, the Champion of the Liight and the only one who can defeat the Night’s King and the undead frozen army beyond the Wall. If so, good job, lady! If not, fans are still happy that Kit Harrington is back and that Melisandre has stopped burning children at the stake. For now.  
As the internet runs around in circles screaming at the sky and spawning new of Game of Thrones fan theories, let’s take a closer look at the lady who can give birth to shadow demons, raise the dead, and doesn’t look a day over 400. 
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