Fan Theories About Well-Known Movie Vehicles That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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There are many things that make movies interesting - characters, dialogue, landscapes. One subset of movie genres that fans find intriguing is vehicles. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some truly interesting theories surrounding well-known movie vehicles.

Check out these movie vechile fan theories below, and don't forget to vote!

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    The Engineers Working On The Batmobile In 'Batman' Are Gagged From Speaking About It

    From Redditor :

    How did none of the engineers working on the Batmobile or any of his gadgets not recognize them?

    Where there more people at Wayne Enterprises that new of Batman's identity? What about the military people contracting these designs? Or the people working on parts not made by Wayne Enterprises (perhaps the Batmobile's engine was made by Rolls Royce specifically for that vehicle? They found the wreckage in the tunnel in The Dark Knight and very few large projects like that are all designed by the one company, let alone by a small enough group to keep it all hush hush.

    Is Batman being associated with Wayne Enterprises perhaps quite well known and just kept on the down low due to one big non-disclosure agreement?

    From Redditor u/andhelostthem:

    All of these engineers would have signed a non-disclosure agreement. You don't work on military-grade weaponry like the Tumbler without signing an NDA. Their work environment was probably something like Lockheed Skunk Works. Hell maybe it was created under a dummy corporation with no known ties to Wayne Enterprises. In these engineers' heads they were developing tech for the military; talk about it and either Wayne Enterprises will sue your ass into oblivion or maybe the CIA extradites you off to one of their black sites. If you want any indication of how our country treats whistle blowers see Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden.

    Most of the engineers likely worked on only part of the vehicle so it's unknown if they have knowledge of what their contribution looks like integrated into the finished product. But there are still a handful of engineers who had to assemble the final product.

    So you have maybe a couple dozen to a hundred people that know what this finished Tumbler actually looks like. It's likely most of them don't live in Gotham. They were probably located somewhere more remote, where you could test and build a loud super vehicle for desert warfare, think Arizona or Utah.

    Let's say one of these engineers is sitting at home and turns his TV to GNN and sees a black version of their Tumbler racing through the streets of Gotham. They might spit out their beer or chat a little with their other buddies who worked on the project but not one of them is going public. They still have well-paying jobs in the industry and don't want to burn any bridges or risk losing their family or life. And they'll speculate how did this super secret military vehicle land in the hands of this masked vigilante? and come to the only logical conclusion: the vehicle was either stolen or Batman works for the CIA.

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    Nux Is The Most Talented Driver In The Wasteland In 'Mad Max'

    From Redditor u/theCheekyBastard:


    1. Able to manage fuel consumption and power output to sprint Furiosa down in the initial pursuit, becoming the first chasing Citadel vehicle to make contact.
    2. Able to maneuver his ratrod around the dueling Buzzard and Citadel war rigs.
    3. Able to maneuver his ratrod around the dueling Buzzard and Citadel war rigs whilst driving in reverse.
    4. Able to pursue Furiosa through the thermonuclear wasteland sandstorm with a flat front tire.
    5. Able to keep pace with and even outpace Furiosa (who has already destroyed a less competent driver) in the vicious storm while preparing for a suicide run.
    6. Able to do all of the above with one wrist chained to the meddling Mad Max.
    7. Able to adapt his driving ability to the massive, ungainly war rig when his loyalties turn, and does so fast enough to successfully coax the rig out of the swamp. Also, first one to think of using the winch to free his new ride from the bog.
    8. Able to master the war rig to a point where he can maintain a precise distance with Immortan's hijacked flagship vehicle, ensuring safe escape of the Wives, Furiosa, and Max, while being pursued by the entirety of the Citadel's war party.
    9. Flips that war rig like a true bad*ss.

    I'm a huge Nux fan, and the idea that he's so prodigiously talented makes the development of his character that much more significant to me.

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    A Major Renewable Resource Is Being Overlooked In 'Cars'

    From Redditor u/ftbc:

    Oil and gasoline are a major commodity in the Cars universe. The second movie used the search for an alternative to petroleum as a major plot point. This is a world where the population is reliant on a finite resource that requires an entire industry to harvest and refine. But they seem to be overlooking something: Tractors.

    Tractors are the cows of the Cars universe. More importantly, they don't appear to ever seek out fuel. They're shown eating grass, suggesting that they are able to derive fuel from it. I would suggest that tractors are able to naturally produce biodiesel. The first car to discover you can milk a tractor for fuel is going to change the world.

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    There Are Actually Two Ectomobiles In 'Ghostbusters'

    From Redditor u/necrosapien87:

    So there's a lot of confusion on the continuity of the film. Paul Rudd's character Mr. Grooberson said that a ghost hasn't been seen in 30 years which does keep GhostBusters 2 canon but appears to make the game not canon. So where's the Ecto 1A? Well I believe that there was 2 Ectomobiles. Why else would it need the designation of 1A? My theory is that when the GhostBusters disbanded, Egon to the original and Ray took the 1A.

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    The Ford Anglia Saves Ron And Harry In 'Chamber Of Secrets' Because Arthur Had Imbued It With Protective Magic

    From Redditor u/MoonTomatoPaste:

    I was just re-listening to the COS audiobook for the hundredth time and something occurred me, I had always vaguely wondered why the Ford Anglia was SO protective over Harry and Ron while they were in the forbidden forest surrounded by Aragog’s army of spiders. I mean, they did steal the car, exhaust it entirely, and then cause it to be beaten senseless by the Whomping Willow in the beginning of the book! Why did the car leave it’s impromptu/forced retirement in the woods to risk its mechanical well-being even further to save their lives? I always attributed the car’s protective nature to it being the Weasley’s Family Vehicle, it was just doing its mundane duty of being Ron’s (escape) vehicle because that’s what it’s meant to do... but now I think it goes deeper than that. The car has personified qualities because it’s enchanted, but more specifically, it’s enchanted by Arthur Weasley. I think the car was inadvertently imbued with Arthur’s love of his children when he was filling it with complicated (and albeit illegal) magic. The Ford Anglia would have done everything it it’s power to protect any of the Weasley’s, just as Arthur would. His enchantments filled the car with powers, but also with a piece of himself. Arthur is above all, a father, husband, and protector of the people he loves and that’s what the Ford Anglia became as well.

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    LeBay Sold 'Christine' Because She Needed A New Host

    From Redditor u/neongrayjoy:

    Why did LeBay sell Christine? I don't think his motives were ever clear, my reading of it was that he knew he didn't have long left to live and wanted to give Christine a new home. But then his death is said to be sudden and mysterious.

    From Redditor u/bobledrew:

    My theory is that Christine uses the energy of her ‘owner’ to help fuel her power, and that she had consumed all there was in LeBay. She needed a new ‘host’ and that meant he had to sell her so she could revive.