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Fan Theories About Rey And Kylo Ren That Will Mess With Your Head And Your Heart

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We’ve all heard a bunch of fan theories about Kylo Ren, and even more fan theories about Rey, but thanks to the “force-bridge” relationship the two shared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Internet is suddenly flush with all manner of fan theories about Rey AND Kylo. The Force Awakens also represented an awakening of sorts for Star Wars fan theories, but The Last Jedi has truly kicked the Internet speculation machine into overdrive. Some of this theorizing is simplistic, like “Will Kylo Ren and Rey fall in love?” but much of it is far more complex than that, promising to paint the entire future of the Star Wars universe through the lenses of its two most prominent characters.

Fans can be sure of one thing - whatever Episode IX delivers, it will certainly involve both Kylo Ren and Rey, the de facto “main characters” of the new trilogy. And, if the response to The Last Jedi has proven anything, it’s that fans will be eager to speculate, argue, and rant about whatever it is that Kylo and Rey end up doing.

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