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Fan Theories About Rey And Kylo Ren That Will Mess With Your Head And Your Heart

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We’ve all heard a bunch of fan theories about Kylo Ren, and even more fan theories about Rey, but thanks to the “force-bridge” relationship the two shared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Internet is suddenly flush with all manner of fan theories about Rey AND Kylo. The Force Awakens also represented an awakening of sorts for Star Wars fan theories, but The Last Jedi has truly kicked the Internet speculation machine into overdrive. Some of this theorizing is simplistic, like “Will Kylo Ren and Rey fall in love?” but much of it is far more complex than that, promising to paint the entire future of the Star Wars universe through the lenses of its two most prominent characters.

Fans can be sure of one thing - whatever Episode IX delivers, it will certainly involve both Kylo Ren and Rey, the de facto “main characters” of the new trilogy. And, if the response to The Last Jedi has proven anything, it’s that fans will be eager to speculate, argue, and rant about whatever it is that Kylo and Rey end up doing.

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    Rey And Kylo Are Perfectly Equal In Every Way

    Reddit user SprehdTehWerdEDM has a unique take on The Last Jedi’s battle between Kylo Ren and Rey, and what it means for the balance of the force:

    So in Snoke's throne room, after Kylo and Rey defeated the Praetorian guards and had their talk, Rey decides to not join Kylo and reaches for Luke's lightsaber, which flies out of Kylo's hand, only for Kylo to grab it too with the force. They both pull at the lightsaber through the force until the saber breaks in half.

    Now I could be totally wrong here, but doesn't that resemble Kylo and Rey's equality in the force? They are both that strong, that neither can take the upper-hand in a battle using the force. They are equally strong with the force. To me this adds up to Snoke's quote 'Darkness rises, and light to meet it.'

    Should this theory be true, does this mean, that no matter how often they duel, none of the two will ever defeat the other? Rey does defeat Kylo in The Force Awakens, but he was badly wounded in that battle, therefore not at his fullest potential. In the throne room they both seem to be at their strongest and voilà, their dispute only ended with them destroying what they both desired.

    This is a thought I had today, that I haven't seen mentioned yet. What do you guys think of this?

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    Kylo Lied About Rey’s Parentage

    Most viewers of The Last Jedi took Kylo Ren’s reveal of Rey’s parentage as a fact, but Reddit user itrytowrite1 doesn’t quite believe the words of old Ben Solo:

    In TFA flashback scene we see a ship leaving Rey on Jakku. She is crying and screaming when this happens.

    In The Last Jedi Kylo tells Rey this: You are nobody. Your parents are nobody. They were filthy junk traders, sold you off for drinking money. They are dead in a (inaudible) grave on Jakku desert. If the parents were really to die on Jakku and be buried in a desert grave, the parents must have stayed on Jakku, yet we see a ship leaving Rey and leaving Jakku.

    Plus, can junk traders afford such a good looking space ship? Also, if you google 'ship from Rey's flashback' it surely doesn't look like a ship that is designed to carry junk. It looks like a small ship, a lot smaller than the Millennium Falcon.

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    The Connection Between Kylo And Rey Cannot Be Severed

    One of the big twists in The Last Jedi was that Supreme Leader Snoke created the “force-bridge” that connected Kylo Ren and Rey, but Angie Dahl at Comic Book Resources theorizes that this bridge isn’t going anywhere now that Snoke is dead:

    The connection between Rey and Ben, though amplified by Snoke, has been there since The Force Awakens. They are the balance of each other, which means they will always be drawn to one another — it sounds cheesy, but they 'complete' each other in a way. Though Rey rejects his offer to follow him and join his new order, fans doubt that that connection is going away.

    The Force visions that they have with each other will probably continue. Snoke may have connected them initially, but with their powers growing, that connection isn’t likely to be severed. A showdown between the two of them in Episode IX is inevitable, and the feelings they have for each other, romantic or not, are going to make the battle have even higher stakes.

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    Rey And Kylo Will Truly Balance The Force Together

    A writer over at Star Wars Analysis, Josh Schwarz, put together a thorough theory on what the future holds for a potential Kylo/Rey alliance, and they were even nice enough to post a summary on Reddit:

    Rey, Snoke, and Kylo all have visions of the future in The Last Jedi.

    Rey and Snoke's visions come true, but not in the way they expected. Essentially, these visions were misinterpreted. Rey thought that Kylo would turn to the Light Side. Kylo did turn, but he turned against Snoke and didn't join the Light Side. Snoke thought Kylo would kill his true enemy, Rey. Kylo did kill his true enemy, but it was Snoke, not Rey.

    Kylo has a vision that Rey will join him, and believes this means that Rey will turn to the Dark Side. However, Rey doesn't join him in The Last Jedi. So, this vision has not yet come to pass. What could it mean?

    I believe that Rey will join Kylo in Episode IX, but she won't turn to the Dark Side. Instead, Rey and Kylo will form an alliance between Light and Dark that can truly end the cycle of destructive conflict and bring peace to the galaxy. In this case, Kylo’s vision would come true in the sense that Rey would join him, and she would 'turn' to a certain extent, as she’d be pivoting away from the Jedi and towards a gray area between the Light and Dark. However, it would fit with the theme of visions being misinterpreted, as Rey wouldn't turn to the Dark Side.

    By the end of TLJ, Luke and Snoke are dead. This means that in Episode IX, it’ll be up to Rey and Kylo to blaze their own trail. The prequel trilogy ended with the Dark Side triumphant and the Light Side devastated. The original trilogy ended with the Light Side triumphant and the Dark Side devastated. Perhaps this sequel trilogy will end with the Light Side and Dark Side united in true balance.

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