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14 Star Wars Fan Theories About Rey's Past  

Zack Howe
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The first question that came to pretty much everyone's mind after The Force Awakens was, "Who are Rey's parents?" And seemingly everyone has a different answer. Star Wars fan theories assert everything from Jar Jar Binks being a Sith Lord to Boba Fett being Supreme Leader Snoke (though there are better theories revolving around The Last Jedi), so there are of course many hypotheses about Rey's origins.

Rey will be training with Luke in The Last Jedi, but the nature of their relationship is far from straightforward. She could be his daughter, or his niece, or the reincarnation of his mentor or father. There are a staggering number of possibilities, so let's dive into all of them.

Here are a bunch of fan theories about Rey from Star Wars, and from whom (or what) she may descend.

Rey Is The Chosen One Spoken Of In The Prophecy
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Photo:  Star Wars: The Force Awakens/Walt Disney Studios/Amazon user rrlevy believes he's cracked the code to the entire Star Wars saga, discovering once and for all to whom the prophecy referred. For those who don't know or remember, the prophecy says, "A child will be born from the Force and will bring balance to it." This means that a person will literally be created via the Force as a balancing device.  A powerful Sith created Anakin as a red herring, of sorts. In the prequel trilogy, some Jedi indeed believed Anakin was this Force-child, who had many amazing traits.

BUT! Introduced in a movie meaningfully titled The Force Awakens is Rey, the literal awakening of the Force, who also displays the very same amazing traits Anakin had, as rrlevy points out:

"- Rey proves to be an excellent pilot in the film, almost instinctively, without practice or training. Her piloting of the Millennium Falcon shows that. She even tells Finn after the escape from Jakku that she had never done that before.

"- Rey also knows how to fix things in an unusual way, being more familiar with the Falcon than Han Solo himself. Han’s awkwardness is noticeable in several scenes.

"- Rey possess a very strong connection with the Force, apparently much stronger than Kylo Ren. Although Kylo have been trained by Luke himself, he does not overcome Rey, neither on mind powers nor lightsaber.

"- Rey seems to speak every language in the galaxy. The movie draws attention to this several times, as she communicates with native Jakku, BB-8 and Chewbacca. Even Finn gets surprised by that. You can understand that she speaks droid, but Wookie? I don’t think there are enough Wookies in the galaxy for her understand the language so well."

Rey is the child of the prophecy, the chosen one.


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Rey's Parents Are No One Of Consequence And That's The Point
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Photo:  Star Wars: The Force Awakens/Walt Disney Studios/Amazon

So many hints are dropped about Rey's lineage that one has to wonder if it's all a ruse. Redditor Joshikins29 has decided the answer may very well be that her parents are nobodies, and that's okay:

"Daisy Ridley said a lot was answered in The Force Awakens regarding Rey's parents, and that she was surprised that people thought it was a big question. What could she be referring to?

"The only character that makes a definitive statement about Rey's parents is Maz Kanta: "You already know the truth. Whomever you’re waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back... The belonging you seek is not behind you. It is ahead." I think this line is meant to signal that Rey won’t get any clues about what path she should take by looking to her past. It would be really easy for Rey if she were Luke or Obi-Wan’s daughter, because then she would know that she was born to follow in their footsteps by becoming a Jedi and fighting the Dark Side. By making her parents just a pair of average Joes, Rey will be even more confused about her place in the galaxy. This should set up a nice emotional conflict for Rey in The Last Jedi, especially since Luke doesn't seem like he is going to give her much clarification about her role in the universe.

"Another reason why I believe Rey does not come from a family of Force-sensitive or powerful beings is a thematic one: Rey is meant to serve as a mirror for Kylo Ren. While Kylo comes from Force royalty being the son of Leia, nephew of Luke, and grandson of Anakin/Darth Vader, Rey should come from nothing. Though Kylo believes that Anakin/Luke’s lightsaber is his by birthright (“That lightsaber. It belongs to me!”), he is not worthy of carrying on its legacy. Instead, the lightsaber, or, more accurately, the Force, has chosen Rey to be its champion. The Force has “awakened” in Rey not because of factors she can’t control like who her parents are, but because of factors she can control like whether she is a good person or not."

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Han Solo Is Rey's Father
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The people behind Film Threat have a hot take on Rey's lineage: Han Solo is Rey's father. According to the theory, Han cheated on Leia at some point after Return of the Jedi with a former fling: Qi'ra, who audiences met in Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

The theory reaches a bit with some of its evidence, like saying Kylo Ren hates his father because he tore the family apart with said alleged affair. The video explains this is also why Han Solo takes to Rey so quickly. It also suggests Snoke lied about creating the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren – instead, the two have a connection akin to Luke and Leia's, as they are siblings. 

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Rey's Grandfather
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Ben Ostrower shares his theory on Medium that Rey is the granddaughter of Obi-Wan, and his argument is well reasoned. First, she has a British accent; the only other good guy to have a British accent in the series was Obi-Wan (discounting C3PO), and this is noteworthy as other British actors have indeed affected American accents, e.g., John Boyega. Another clue is the Jedi mind trick she used on the Stormtrooper at Starkiller Base, a skill for which Obi-Wan is famous. Also at Starkiller base, Rey's infiltration and navigation of it hearkens back to Obi-Wan doing the same on the Death Star.

Ostrower then offers three concluding points:

"Similar costumes between Rey and Obi Wan (in the Prequels).

"Both Ewan McGregor’s and Alec Guinness’s voices appear in the key basement lightsaber flashback scene at Maz’s.

"And, lastly, JJ Abrams has suggested that Rey’s loneliness is a key to her origin, likely a referencing Obi Wan’s status as a lonely hermit between Episodes 3 and 4. Unless Rey is Yoda’s granddaughter, but probably not."

While his argument continues for a while, talking about themes and parallels and so on, these points alone offer at least some intriguing evidence that Rey may indeed be a Kenobi.

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