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Seemingly Insane CW Superhero Universe Fan Theories That Actually Make The Most Sense

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The Arrowverse is chock-full of craziness, opening up all kinds of doors for CW superhero fan theories to run rampant. Fan theories about Arrow generally revolve around the Season 5 finale, whereas fan theories about Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow look ahead to future seasons, speculating on what’s to come.

Weirdly, The Flash fan theories are the only ones really focused on the present. Well, kinda. At least focused on the not-too-distant future, in the case of Savitar’s identity. Actually, not-too-distant in the real world, not The Flash timeline where the Savitar showdown actually takes place in 2024, and you know what, forget it. There are a lot of theories. And with so much lazy writing crazy stuff going on in each universe, any number of things could happen.

Let’s take a look at some interesting speculation about the future of the Arrowverse. Some are likely to come to fruition, and others are sheer lunacy. You be the judge.

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    Ra's Al Ghul Coveted Oliver As A Replacement

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    Convincingly, /u/ doctormisterio19 via Reddit argues that Ra's al Ghul actually wanted Oliver to kill and replace him as head of the League of Assassins. His argument mostly revolves around al Ghul's blurry motivations for destroying Star City, and a line about Oliver reforming the League in his own image, changing their definition of justice and swearing off killing.

    The best part of /u/doctormisterio19's argument, however, are the many voice-to-text typos within it. Really good stuff. And maybe he's right. He may also be right that, alternatively, al Ghul's questionable motivations are simply a result of bad writing. 

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    A Final Showdown For The Ages

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    On a consistent basis, /u/12as3d offers plot prediction via Reddit for every episode of Arrow through the end of Season 5, but most interesting one is the finale prediction: "Oliver, Slade, Malcolm, Nyssa and Captain Boomerang fight Prometheus, Black Siren, Talia, Artemis and Derek Sampson," on Lian Yu.

    Hopefully, 12as3d is right because that would be super cool. If so, Ollie better watch his back. Slade is one dangerous dude. Manu Bennett (the guy who plays him) is as well, for that matter. Stephen Amell may need to tread lightly. 

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    The Legends Are In Their Own Flashpoint... Kinda

    Video: YouTube

    YouTuber Jawiin theorizes in the above video that at the end of Season 2, the Legends are outside the timeline of the rest of the Arrowverse, stuck in their own equivalent of Flashpoint. That's why the 2017 Los Angeles they end up in has a ton of weird buildings. Oh yeah, and dinosaurs. He also hypothesizes that they'll fix the timeline, making the whole thing moot. In other words, what else is new. 

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    The New Waverider Is So Advanced Because It's Based On... Itself

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    /u/VE8T via Reddit posits that the new Waverider used by the Legends in the Season 2 finale is so much more advanced than their original Waverider because they left the original in the past. Therefore, the construction of the new one started from a place of technological advancement, far beyond the era it was left in, due to the presence of their Waverider in that timeline. It's essentially the same Waverider, but suped up, as it were. #FastAndFurious97.

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