12 Surprisingly Plausible Fan Theories About The Halloween Series

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The 1978 classic Halloween revolutionized horror and spawned a series of sequels that are still running today. Yet after all these years, there still is no true consensus as to what exactly makes the killer, Michael Myers, tick. In Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, it was revealed that he was imbued with the "Curse of Thorn," an ancient druid curse... yet whether this should be considered canon is still up for debate.

The deliberate ambiguity that John Carpenter put into the character of Michael Myers has spawned numerous Halloween fan theories. Why is Michael apparently immortal? Why doesn't he speak? Why does he feel a compulsive need to murder people on Halloween night? These theories about the Halloween movies attempt to answer these questions and more. Some of them are frighteningly plausible, while others border on hilarious, but all of them are definitely worth pondering.