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15 Fan Theories About The Purge Movies That May Answer All Of Your Lingering Questions

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The world of The Purge is one of total anarchy - or so we think. The lawless 12 hours have sparked a whole lot of question marks for fans of the violent series. The truth is there are a plethora of unanswered questions from the films, but fortunately, there are a few The Purge fan theories that aim to fill in the blanks.

While a great deal of horror fans claim bad writing is to blame for The Purge's mysteries, others think we're just missing the writing on the wall. Could a Purge be economically feasible? One of the many fan theories about The Purge debunks that idea in all of 20 seconds. So, why is the government lying? Redditors have innumerable theories.

Whether you love The Purge or think the idea is total hogwash, the series is undeinably a financial success. Hopefully The First Purge will answer all of our questions, like why the heck the practice started in the first place. Until then, we've got these The Purge fan theories. 

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