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These Are All the Craziest Fan Theories You’ve Shared After The Return of 'Unsolved Mysteries'

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The iconic series, Unsolved Mysteries is back with the first 6 episodes, on Netflix, and full of head-scratching stories to keep you up at night! Every true crime fan knows the dedication of cyber sleuths and online detectives, so it's no surprise that fans didn’t waste any time to watch and share their theories on the new episodes. To give fans a closer look, Netflix provided access to additional files and documents from each case to take a deeper dive into!

 Who do you think had a hand in Patrice Endres's disappearance? Was there really a UFO that fateful night in 1969? Was Rey involved in some sort of Masonic ritual? There are endless questions, but also the hope that someone, somewhere can solve these mysteries. Perhaps, you may even be able to solve the mystery.  

We've gathered our favorite fan theories from the Unspeakable Crimes Facebook, which had us saying, “Oh, that’s wild!” to “Wait, hold up. Did they just solve the case?!”. We think all theories are worth hearing because there's just enough information to let idle minds wander, and for new discoveries to be uncovered. Bringing justice to all the families who need it.

Vote up the fan theories you think shed some light on the cases, and vote down the ones that are just too outlandish to believe.

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    Rey's Best Friend Had Something To Do With His Demise

    So strange that he initiated a gag order for his employees immediately after his death. Bet the friend had something to do with it.

    Armchair Detective: Jay Barrow

    Which Episode: "Mystery on the Rooftop"  

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    Rob Is Too Creepy To Not Be Involved In Patrice's Mystery

    (On the stepdad being the one to have something to do with Patrice Endres’s disappearance)

     Lack of evidence. She knew him that’s why there was no sign of struggle... The only thing pointing them in a different direction was the timeline of when he was in the area. There’s a hole in that story they need to find...  No one in their right mind would say “lay out her remains and let me spend time with them” then walk around with the skull? I lost my boyfriend whom I loved very much and there is no way I’m just gonna pick up his skull and walk around with it. He said “I have her” that’s what he wanted, to have her and she was leaving him and now he does. He did it.

     Armchair Detective: Kelly Farrell

    Which Episode: "13 Minutes"

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    Rey Was Murdered Because The Angles Don't Match A Possible Jump

    Am watching this now am baffled with the guy who apparently jumped off the roof which I think he was murdered you don’t jump off in the angle he was found

    Armchair Detective: Tessa McDonald

    Which Episode: "Mystery on the Rooftop"  

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    The Partygoers Are Responsible For Alonzo's Death

    I think the People at the party killed him in the farmhouse where the party was. I don't think the sheriff and the dept ever checked it out. Once the investigation was "over" those that killed him went back and took him out of whatever they had him in, ( albeit freezer), and [dropped] him at the spot by the creek that was already checked. funny how the family found him 30 minutes [into] their search but the police couldn't find him during those 30 days?

    Armchair Detective: Amanda Sargent

    Which Episode: "No Ride Home"

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