18 Bewitching Fan Theories About Movie Witches That'll Put A Spell On You

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Witches have been a staple of storytelling for centuries, and films have given us some truly memorable witches, both good and evil. These women will put a spell on you, and whereas you probably won't live to tell the tale, at least your demise will have been interesting! 

Below are a few fan theories about witches in film that we find utterly bewitching, vote up your favorites!

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    Maleficent Cursed Herself When She Cursed Aurora

    From Redditor u/TricksterPriestJace:

    Maleficent's curse on Aurora in Maleficent starts with "she will indeed grow in grace and beauty, loved by all who meet her." Maleficent then meets Aurora and falls in love with her. A maternal love instead of a romantic love, but still love. To know Aurora is to love her.

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    Ravenna's Mirror Reflects Her Paranoia, Not The Truth

    Ravenna's Mirror Reflects Her Paranoia, Not The Truth
    Photo: Snow White and the Huntsman / Universal Pictures

    From Redditor u/ananonymousrandom:

    Many people have an issue with [Snow White and the Huntsman] because they didn't think that Kristen Stewart was prettier than Charlize Theron, to which others replied that it meant prettier on the inside, to which others replied that almost everyone would be prettier than Ravenna on the inside. 

    So, my theory is that Ravenna convinced herself that Snow White was more beautiful. At her wedding to the king, she saw everyone looking at young Snow White, instead of her, and that's where it started. [Her own paranoia is reflected back in the mirror's magic.]

    From Redditor u/jsideris:

    When you ask a mirror anything, the image the mirror will always show you is yourself. Asking a mirror who is the fairest of them all is a rhetorical question, and that was the intent of the evil queen's query. She was likely a very stunning person, but as she grew old, she became insecure with her appearance. This was evident in the fact that she had to continuously seek validation from an inanimate object that was only capable of giving her the answer she was looking for.

    When she finally realized that someone had surpassed her, jealousy consumed her. The image of Snow White haunted her. She started seeing visions of her in her own mirror - a sacred place reserved for the queen to admire herself. She snapped.

    Obviously this implies that the dialog with the mirror was taken from the queen's perspective - an imagined or embellished narrative.

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    Macbeth Was Just An Ingredient For The Witches

    Macbeth Was Just An Ingredient For The Witches
    Photo: Macbeth / StudioCanal

    From Redditor u/John-on-gliding:

    To accomplish an unseen spell, the Three Witches required something like the "blood of a monarch who stole his crown" or "hand of regicide." So, they told a nobleman that he would be King and sent him on a plot that would ultimately supply their needs.

    In Act IV, the Witches specifically show Macbeth a prophecy using ingredients brewed in their cauldron. Initially, many of the ingredients are simple items, like eye of newt and toe of frog. However, later ingredients are items dependent on very specific acts, such as the blood of a sow who ate her nine piglets and the finger of a baby that was strangled as a prostitute gave birth to it in a ditch - they clearly needed very specific items to advance their witchcraft.

    The Witches are seeking to "double, double" their cursing upon the world, making fair into foul and foul into fair. Macbeth is merely part of their long-term plan. 

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    The 'Stardust' Witches Are Actually Stars With Their Hearts Cut Out

    The 'Stardust' Witches Are Actually Stars With Their Hearts Cut Out
    Photo: Stardust / Paramount Pictures

    From Redditor u/HydrationWhisKey:

    What led me to this conclusion:

    • Ditchwater Sal (the witch that keeps Princess Una prisoner) is an anagram for Witched Astral. 


    • The witches have unique names, the others have names rooted in mythology: Lamia, Mormo, and Empusa. 
    • The last star to fall had red hair, and so does Ditchwater Sal.
    • They never show how the last star died, just that her heart was cut out. 
    • Lamia first went straight to Ditchwater Sal to find out where Yvaine (the new star) was.
    • The witch sisters lived in a crater in the middle of a field with no other geological formations that would explain terrain like that - it's the fall site of a star.
    • Normal people who eat/have a star's heart have everlasting life. The witches have everlasting life since they are astral beings, but since they have no heart they decay [and need to consume what they lack].
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    Winifred Always Meant To Kill Her Sisters At Some Point

    Winifred Always Meant To Kill Her Sisters At Some Point
    Photo: Hocus Pocus / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/ValNTine:

    When the Sanderson sisters got together to make the second batch of potion, only Winfred put her tongue into it (spit). Keep in mind that with the first potion, all 3 sisters added their spit to the cauldron. This would mean that, in theory, the spell would only work for her if only her essence was added to the brew. Even then...

    Once Max drinks the only serving left of the potion, Winifred alone was the only one to start to take his soul. The other two sisters were too far away. Winifred kept Max to herself and entirely focused on only herself. 

    So... it's my theory that Winifred had intended to get rid of her sisters once and for all, leaving her with fewer headaches, one less curse, and hopefully more children for herself. 

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    Yubaba And Zeniba Are The Same Person

    Yubaba And Zeniba Are The Same Person
    Photo: Spirited Away / Toho

    From Redditor u/jetpackjack1:

    I believe that Yubaba and Zeniba are not twin sisters, but in fact two sides to the same person. First, upon approaching the abandoned amusement park, we are shown a statue, which I believe presents this dual identity character. It seems to have two faces, one on either side. I believe this to be significant because the camera lingers on it longer than necessary. 

    Later on, Zeniba tells us that she and her sisters are complete opposites, which I believe supports my theory that they are two halves of the same person, Yin and Yang. One is ambitious, materialistic, ruthless, cruel, and vengeful. The other is easy-going, content to live simply, generous, and affectionate. We discover that Yubaba leaves her home every night, only returning with the dawn. Where does she go? What does she do? I believe she is leaving to take on her nighttime role as her secondary persona, the kindly Zeniba. Later, Chihiro encounters her at night, in her alternate role at her humble home, and as Zeniba she asked Chihiro to address her as Granny. 

    Later, at the end of the film, Chihiro addresses Yubaba as Granny, which Yubaba doesn't deny. I believe Chihiro figured out the dual identity and this scene clinches it. 

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