17 Fan Theories About The Parents In Disney Movies That Have An Extra Sprinkling Of Pixie Dust

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Disney parents are notorious for either being absent or being odd. Those who don't fall into this category can fall under the radar - BUT, fans still haven't forgotten them, or any of the Disney parents!

Below are a few fan theories about the parents in Disney movies that seem to have an extra bit of magic written in them. Vote up your favorites!

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    Grandma Tala And Chief Tui Were Also Chosen To Restore The Heart Of Te Fiti (But Either Couldn't/Chose Not To)

    From Redditor u/IStopTickleMonsters:

    I've been mulling over this since I first watched the film but I think I may have confirmed it. Of course, Grandma Tala has the necklace holding the heart and I think it is because the ocean chose her first but her age was already fairly advanced so she could not do it herself. Therefore, (much like she did with Moana) she started planting the seeds in Tui's head. He and his best friend stole a boat to return the heart but were stopped. As I watch this scene again, Tui is wearing a necklace that looks VERY familiar. I believe it is the necklace with the heart because it is very obviously not his Chief necklace.. It can only be seen at certain times during the scene, though. The heart was knocked out of the necklace that day until it was first given to Moana as an infant.

    Also, the heart was keeping Grandma Tala alive which is why she passed after giving it to Moana. That would explain why Tui didn't drown and Moana wasn't slain by any of the sh*t that tried to off her.

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    Fa Zhou Was Supposed To Be A Mentor For Shang, Helping Him Guide The Misfit Group Of Soldiers

    Fa Zhou Was Supposed To Be A Mentor For Shang, Helping Him Guide The Misfit Group Of Soldiers
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    From Redditor u/Wash_zoe_mal:

    In the movie Mulan, Fa Mulan takes her father's place in the army, pretending to be his son, Ping. When Mulan arrives at the encampment, it is stated that they did not know Fa Zhou had a son. Mulan was assigned to the same unit her father was in his place.

    The unit is full of misfits, and lead by a young inexperienced Captain. Mulan joins the ranks and together they defeat the Huns. But their unit was never supposed to see battle. They only reason they saw combat was because the main army had been wiped out. They were an auxiliary unit, and no one had expected them to see real combat.

    My theory is that they were hoping Fa Zhou, Mulan's father, showed up. They were well aware he was older and unable to fight along side the young men. When Mulan first arrives, they know of Fa Zhou by name and reputation. As a wise soldier of the last great war, he was supposed to help shape the misfit unit. He had rank so he would have been put in a leadership role with the unit, helping guide them into being proper soldiers. As a veteran he would have made a great ally for the young Captain on battle tactics and on how to guide young men. Something the Captain could have used.

    Mulan showing up in Fa Zhou's place took that mentor to the young and inexperienced soldiers away making the Captain's job harder. The army planned to give him an experienced soldier who could no longer fight to help him, instead he struggles with his soldiers and himself throughout the film.

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    Julieta Knew That Bruno Was Still In The House

    From Redditor u/DaddyVersionOne:

    Julieta knew that Bruno was still in the house. There's no way you cook family meals for ten years without noticing a serving disappear at least once a day. That's why Pepa was the first to hug him at the end. Julieta was simply happy that he was ready to reconnect with the rest of the family.

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    Pepa's Gift Is A Visual Representation Of How Mental Disorders Can Feel

    From Redditor u/detectivejen:

    I see her as being incredibly anxious, and she had to live with everyone trying to make her calm all the time (clear skies, clear skies!) instead of expressing herself and processing what she was feeling. I think that's why Bruno apologized and told her to let it go [and be herself]!

    From Redditor u/techno156:

    Part of the mood swings is probably her trying to actively tamp down her emotions when she becomes emotional, so that she doesn't cause a natural disaster, despite her normally being an emotional person.
    We know that when she is particularly worked up or distressed, she can cause a thunderstorm or hurricane, which, if she's not careful, would feed back into itself, endangering the rest of the family, and the community.

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    Big Daddy LaBouff Bought The Old Sugar Mill For Tiana, But She Disappeared Before He Could Give It To Her At Charlotte's Party

    Big Daddy LaBouff Bought The Old Sugar Mill For Tiana, But She Disappeared Before He Could Give It To Her At Charlotte's Party
    Photo: The Princess and the Frog / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/TopRamen713:

    Here's the mystery- after years of being empty and un-bought, suddenly it gets bought the same day that Tiana has save enough money for a down payment? Something's not quite adding up here.

    My scenario- 'Big Daddy' has been watching Tiana and his daughter grow up for years. He seems to treat her as a second daughter, at least not forbidding Charlotte from playing/associating with her.

    He loves Charlotte and indulges her every whim, because the limit of her ambition is to simply marry well. He knows though, that Tiana wants to run a high-class restaurant, but for a Black woman to succeed in the 1920s south, she has to be tough, smart, and hard-working, so he can't just give Tiana everything she wants, much as he'd like to. Once she tells Charlotte that she has enough for the down payment for the restaurant, she's proven that to him she has the mental toughness to run a successful restaurant. He goes ahead and buys it outright to give to her at the party, but before he can do so, she disappears.

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    Aurora's Mother Turned To Maleficent's Magic To Conceive A Child, Then Went Back On Her Promise And Caused Aurora's Curse

    Aurora's Mother Turned To Maleficent's Magic To Conceive A Child, Then Went Back On Her Promise And Caused Aurora's Curse
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    From Redditor u/Pepe-DiscipleofKek:

    When we first see Maleficent in the celebration of Aurora's birth in Sleeping Beauty, everyone (including the fairies and King Stefan) stares on in stupefied horror. That is, everyone except Queen Leah (the queen, and Aurora's mother), who has a more nervous expression; almost as if she was expecting the evil fairy to arrive. Then, when the good fairies calmly tell Maleficent she wasn't invited, she reacts seemingly with surprise. That, and Maleficent infamously cursing Aurora to die only happened after that exchange. Lastly, remember how in the beginning of the film it was said Aurora's parents had struggled to bear a child for years? Surely these facts are not coincidental.

    As such, it is possible, likely in fact, that Queen Leah turned to Maleficent's sorcery to be able to bear a child. Maleficent agreed, on the condition that Leah promised to acknowledge her once Aurora was born. However, things went downhill because Leah knew that Maleficent had a rather nasty reputation, and went back on the promise. So when Maleficent found this out (hence her surprised reaction), she quickly decided that if Leah wasn't keeping her promise, then the deal was off, and Aurora had to go. The whole "16 years" thing was to further twist the knife as revenge for how Leah backed out at the last minute.

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