17 Fan Theories About The Disney Royals That Have Us Reaching For A Crown And Scepter

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Whether you're a king, queen, chief, sultan (or child of any of the above), you're royalty - and Disney LOVES to show off their royal families. Below, fans have shared their favorite fan theories about the royals in Disney's animated movies.

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Photo: The Little Mermaid / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

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    Beast's Portrait Aged With Him So It Would Be A Reminder Of What The Curse Had Taken Away From Him

    Beast's Portrait Aged With Him So It Would Be A Reminder Of What The Curse Had Taken Away From Him
    Photo: Beauty and the Beast / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/MOverTheHeart:

    Basically one of the “plot holes” in the original animated Beauty and the Beast was the portrait showing Beast/Adam as an adult human despite having been transformed at roughly age 11.

    There’s a simple explanation; magic. If the entire castle is cursed, why not also the painting?

    What would be a worse punishment for Beast than to be transformed into a beast? Being transformed in a beast and having a cursed portrait of himself that ages as he does. This would be a constant reminder of his mistake and show him what he would look like if he was still a human.

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    Prince Phillip Is The Most Deadly Disney Prince

    Prince Phillip Is The Most Deadly Disney Prince
    Photo: Sleeping Beauty / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/TheGlen:

    Of all the Disney princes Philip was by far the most hardened warrior, unfazed by even dragons. When Maleficent cursed both kingdoms after Philip escaped he had the military might of both nations at his disposal. Both kingdoms were apparently both wealthy from what was shown on the screen, being the acting head of state he could have rallied not just the army of his nation but could have easily convinced Aurora's nation to support him in a siege against Maleficent. Instead, he goes after her alone.

    When Maleficent overwhelms him earlier in the movie, it takes ten minions almost a full minute to overwhelm Philip, despite him being unarmed and the minions pulling out weapons. Then look at the stare he gives her as she mocks him. She's already dead, she just doesn't know it. When he gets his sword he fights off even more than that without a scratch.

    When he hacks through the vine wall Maleficent tries to stop him by turning into a dragon. He stabs her in the face. This isn't his first dragon. He takes the high ground and Maleficent chases him, he's goaded her into fighting on his terms, she's got wings but decides to close with him because he's not relenting. The faeries distract her with that spell she tries to cast, but he knew where to stab her, the sword was going in anyway. Look at his throw, his form was perfect, rehearsed from numerous attempts of this very maneuver. Maleficent never stood a chase, he goaded her to fight on his terms, when he killed her he ran across her corpse as it plummeted to the ground as if he had done it before.

    From his training and his discipline, it was obvious he had been fighting for years, taking up the sword that his elderly father could not. He was his nation's cleaner, removing all threats to the kingdom while honing his formidable skills to become the deadliest Disney prince ever. During his fight with Maleficent, he made no snide remarks, gave us not one snarky aside, not even a post mortem one-liner. He was a professional, well-versed in all forms of combat. He was focused, methodical and driven. He was his own man, unafraid of standing up to his father, unfazed by fire breathing dragons, and unmatched in combat. God help anyone who crossed Philip after he ascended the throne, because he has already shown his willingness to kill anyone who dared threaten his nation.

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    Rapunzel's Hair Kept Her Physically And Mentally Healthy Despite All The Trauma She Faced

    From Redditor u/Ecuadorable:

    [I've always wondered why Rapunzel has absolutely no mental issues stemming from the repeated emotional abuse she endured from her "mother" over eighteen years. She has great self-esteem, is trusting and kind and adventurous, and has no fear or paranoia or PTSD. Upon watching it last night, I realized that she is the most trusting and well-adjusted kidnap victim in the world because her hair can heal her mentally as well as physically.

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    Aurora's Mother Turned To Maleficent's Magic To Conceive A Child, Then Went Back On Her Promise And Caused Aurora's Curse

    Aurora's Mother Turned To Maleficent's Magic To Conceive A Child, Then Went Back On Her Promise And Caused Aurora's Curse
    Photo: Sleeping Beauty / Buena Vista Distribition

    From Redditor u/Pepe-DiscipleofKek:

    When we first see Maleficent in the celebration of Aurora's birth in Sleeping Beauty, everyone (including the fairies and King Stefan) stares on in stupefied horror. That is, everyone except Queen Leah (the queen, and Aurora's mother), who has a more nervous expression; almost as if she was expecting the evil fairy to arrive. Then, when the good fairies calmly tell Maleficent she wasn't invited, she reacts seemingly with surprise. That, and Maleficent infamously cursing Aurora to die only happened after that exchange. Lastly, remember how in the beginning of the film it was said Aurora's parents had struggled to bear a child for years? Surely these facts are not coincidental.

    As such, it is possible, likely in fact, that Queen Leah turned to Maleficent's sorcery to be able to bear a child. Maleficent agreed, on the condition that Leah promised to acknowledge her once Aurora was born. However, things went downhill because Leah knew that Maleficent had a rather nasty reputation, and went back on the promise. So when Maleficent found this out (hence her surprised reaction), she quickly decided that if Leah wasn't keeping her promise, then the deal was off, and Aurora had to go. The whole "16 years" thing was to further twist the knife as revenge for how Leah backed out at the last minute.

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    Moana Was Chosen To Return The Heart Because She Is A Distant Relative Of Maui

    From Redditor u/Nickadomus:

    She is a descendant of the parents that threw Maui away. Explains how her gramma's face shows a resemblance to Maui and her father's overly large frame compared to everyone else.

    Her ancestors were also charged to take the Heart back. They stopped after generations of failure and the seas grew more and more perilous. Eventually most of the villagers and Moana's ancestors forgot their charge as they gave up sailing altogether.

    At least until Gramma Tala regained her family's connection with the Ocean and began telling the stories to remind the villagers. The Ocean knew she wasn't the one to take the Heart back but then chose her son, Tui.

    When Tui attempted to return the heart, his friend was killed after the Ocean's first test. With his resolve destroyed by the loss of his friend, he caused his village to recede farther from the Ocean.

    This leads us to Moana. The Ocean threw test after test but Moana persevered and eventually succeeded. The Ocean continuously tested the person charged with the Heart and essentially defined whether the human race should or should not be redeemed by testing these "champions."

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    Kida's Mother Instituted A Partial Memory Wipe On The Citizens Of Atlantis When She Merged With The Crystal

    Kida's Mother Instituted A Partial Memory Wipe On The Citizens Of Atlantis When She Merged With The Crystal
    Photo: Atlantis: The Lost Empire / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/fekbenn:

    When Kida's mother merged with the power crystal to save Atlantis, she created a sort of memory wipe. Erasing the knowledge of how to read protects the people from destroying themselves again, which was ultimately the queens aim when she merged with the crystal.

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