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15 Fan Theories About The Men In 'Encanto' That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Sure, we don't talk about Bruno (no, no, no), but we also don't seem to talk about the other Madrigal men in Encanto: Agustin, Felix, Camilo, Antonio, and Pedro (R.I.P).

So yes, the Encanto ladies lead the show, but that doesn't mean that the men can't put up a h*ll of a supporting act! Here are a few fan theories about the men in Encanto that actually make a lot of sense. Vote up your favorites!

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    Antonio Was Subtly Helping Mirabel The Whole Time

    From Redditor u/Scrominthe:

    Obviously Antonio helped Mirabel when he offered his room as a place to have a vision, but before that there was the bird that followed Mirabel to Bruno's cave. The bird didn't actually help with anything, but I suspect its job was to just watch and report back to Antonio. Otherwise, what was it even doing in Bruno's room?

    [My thought is that] when Luisa and Mirabel had their talk about the cracks and everything, the donkeys overheard. Antonio talked to them and got all the info - which would explain how he knew Mirabel was going to Bruno's room and sent the bird to watch her. 

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    Agustin And Julieta Fell In Love Through Her Gift

    From Redditor u/Cheap_District_9762:

    Agustin gets stung a lot by bees. That led him to seeing Julieta often in the village and... [the rest is history]. 

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    Pedro's Soul Was Waiting By The River For Alma

    From Redditor u/this_broccoli-101:

    Everyone says that Casita is the reincarnation of Pedro's soul, but I think his soul was still at the river, waiting for Alma to get back there to make peace with her past. The moment she was able to open up to Mirabel and the butterflies surrounded them was the moment he was able to cross over into the light. I think he waited 50 years because he couldn't go until he knew she was able to recover from his death. 

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    Bruno's Prophecy For Isabela Foreshadows Her Cage Of Perfection

    From Redditor u/Oklahom0:

    [Bruno's prophecy for Isabela was:] "He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and someday be mine. He told me that my powers would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine."

    The first sentence [was interpreted by Abuela that she would find the perfect man - Mariano].

    For the second sentence, her powers will grow but like grapevines, they'll be tied down in some way. They're forced to grow in a specific way. As someone who has spent her whole life being told that she had to be perfect, she had every realization put forth in front of her. Her Abuela was trying to tie her down to a life that Isabela had no say in. 

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    Camilo Had A Warped Perspective Of Bruno For A Reason

    From Redditor u/SgGradSister:

    Camilo and Mirabel are the same age, but Pepa remembers Bruno as a mischievous joker who "ruined" her wedding, while Julieta likely didn't speak about Bruno much, only saying he "lost his way." Camilo likely heard more about Bruno's negative sides from his mother. 

    Also, we can assume that Mirabel normally spends time at home, [rather than] Camilo who is always transforming for the villagers. That means Camilo could go around and ask the villagers about Bruno. 

    Or - Camilo was actually sharing his experience meeting Bruno as a mischievous kid, as Bruno had already started creeping around with rats at that point. Seeing a tall, scrawny man with glowing eyes likely scared and intrigued Camilo. 

    Plus, Camilo is an actor at heart and likely exaggerated and embellished his knowledge of Bruno. 

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    Felix Hints At Abuela's Overbearing Tendencies

    From Redditor u/laurenleegio:

    In "We Don't Talk About Bruno," Felix has the lyric, "No clouds allowed in the sky!" [No clouds ALLOWED]

    This is a clue that Felix is giving about how overbearing and restrictive Abuela is toward her family, by only using their gifts in ways she deems appropriate and useful.

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