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16 MCU Fan Theories That Retroactively Make 'Infinity War' And 'Endgame' Even Better

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The second a new film or series is announced - and sometimes a great deal of time beforehand - the Internet becomes rife with new MCU fan theories, and Avengers fan theories are easily the most numerous among them. But while theories that attempt to predict the Marvel Cinematic Universe adventures to come are plenty of fun, the real speculative enjoyment comes from gazing back at the stories of the past and trying to recontextualize them in a new way - one that makes them even more enjoyable than they were originally.

There’s little doubt that Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame represent the pinnacle of the franchise, and by now, every single Avengers Easter egg and subtle detail have been long since picked over. But by delving into the realm of the hypothetical, there’s always new ground to cover. In fact, fans might never stop speculating about what really happened in these films - and that’s perfectly alright with just about everyone.