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15 Fan Theories That Absolutely Ruin Our Favorite Childhood Movies

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The movies we love when we're kids tend to stick with us for the rest of our lives, which is why there are some many fan theories about these childhood movies. Sure, as we get older we may realize there's a plot hole or two, but ultimately, these movies shaped who we are today. Whether Toy Story taught you about the importance of friendship or Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory taught you the importance of not drinking out of a chocolate river, these movies impart wisdom that molded generations. Somewhat hilariously and some not so funny, a few people out there have tarnished our favorite movies by coming up with fan theories that ruin childhood movies. 

Yes, some people across Reddit have taken moments out of beloved childhood films completely out of context and warped them into something twisted. There are certainly bad fan theories that change childhood movies, but some of these are pretty plausible if you think about it. 

Be careful going forward. Once you read some of these theories, you may not be able to watch these films the same way ever again. Check out these fan theories that ruined kids movies. Who knows? Maybe one of these will inspire you to create your own theory and post it onto Reddit. 

  • In The Emperor's New Groove, Kuzco is turned into a llama. But we learn from the squirrel scene that just because you're an animal doesn't mean you inherently understand other animals. Redditor /u/hairstylist1993 reiterated a dark fan theory that suggests something horrific in this universe. 

    At one point, Kuzco comes across a bug about to be eaten by a spider. We actually hear the bug yell, "Help me!" But then, it's eaten. It's possible this was a person also turned into an animal, but they ran into a horrible fate. 

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  • We see the monsters in Monsters, Inc. live in a technologically-rich society, so they've obviously been around for centuries. Redditor /u/calabim posits that the first time the monsters tried out their portals was in the 1300s when the Bubonic Plague ravaged the world. 

    It's possible one monster traveled to Earth and went into the room of a sick child. The kid screamed, frightening the monster and causing him to run back to his dimension. Two things happened at that moment. They noticed a surge in power from the child's screams. And the monster brought back the illness to the monster world. The Black Death swept across the monsters' dimension, and that's why the monsters are so scared of even touching a child. 

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  • Finding Nemo begins with a barracuda attack, leaving Marlin with only Nemo. However, Redditor /u/darklighter5000 suggests that actually everyone died. Marlin only imagined that one egg survived so that he could give himself a reason to keep going. 

    The entire movie from there is an allegory for the five stages of grief with Marlin starting in denial by not letting Nemo go to school and ending with acceptance when he allows things to be the way they are. And the biggest kicker of all is that in Latin, "Nemo" translates to "No one."

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    Redditor /u/tickleboi36 posits that the reason the movie The Cat in the Hat is so weird is because the titular character drugged the kids. The Redditor suggests that the Cat is actually just some guy walking home from a rave when he comes across the kids' house. 

    He drugs the kids at some point, and they experience the acid trip of a lifetime. They see this regular guy as a cat as well as the fish coming alive. It would explain the end of the film when the house magically returns back to normal. It's the kids coming down from their wild trip.

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