15 Fan Theories From Underrated Fantasy TV Shows That Surprised Us

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Fantasy is on the rise again, which means - more fantasy TV shows! We all know the heavy hitters, with their big budgets and multiple nominations. But true fantasy fans know that the real treat lies with the underrated fantasy shows! As such, they've created a few theories to help introduce others to these shows. 

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    Each Of The Endless Also Controls Their Exact Opposite In 'The Sandman'

    Each Of The Endless Also Controls Their Exact Opposite In 'The Sandman'
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    From Redditor u/Estragon_Rosencrantz:

    There's a theory, even stated by one of the characters, though I can't remember who, that each of The Endless also control their opposite. Dream defines reality, Death brings life (this one is specifically confirmed in the series). When Destruction is cooking and writing poetry that actually embracing his other side. I think this helps clarify the confusion you had of destruction being Death's domain. Destruction is more about things and ideas, while Death is about living things.

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    Marisa Coulter's Paternal Grandmother Was A Witch In 'His Dark Materials'

    Marisa Coulter's Paternal Grandmother Was A Witch In 'His Dark Materials'
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    From Redditor u/UmbraNyx:

    In His Dark Materials, witches look like beautiful young women for their entire lives. Men fall for them easily, and while some witches are benevolent, they are just as likely to be cruel. Ruta Skadi, for example, destroyed an entire species of tiger because a group of people who worshiped them failed to show her proper respect. It is established early on in the story that Marisa Coulter has almost supernatural beauty and charisma, tempered only by her ruthlessness. She is able to see through a witch's ability to become unnoticeable, something no other human has been shown to be capable of doing. Despite her unusual similarities with witches, Marisa is not one, since she does not have a bird daemon and is never shown to perform magic. However, her similarities seem to go beyond mere coincidence, which leads me to wonder if witch traits can be passed down, even if the child is not a witch themselves. Why would the witch be her paternal grandmother, specifically? In HDM, witches are always female, and reproduce with human men. If they give birth to a son, he will be a human, and if a daughter, a witch. Since Coulter is not a witch herself, the relationship would have to be through her father.

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    In 'Penny Dreadful,' Ethan Is Familiar With The Words For An Exorcism Because He Had Tried To Perform It On Himself Many Times Before

    In 'Penny Dreadful,' Ethan Is Familiar With The Words For An Exorcism Because He Had Tried To Perform It On Himself Many Times Before
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    From Redditor u/SpaceCampDropOut:

    When the episode came out where Ethan performs an "exorcism" on Miss Ives, there were many great theories about what Ethan was (my favorite being he was a fallen angel) and how he knew the words (again the angel theory). It shows throughout the first season that he is a very spiritual man which some said is why he knew the words, but after the final episode I have a theory on why he knows them so well.

    If you've watched the final season episode, you now know what Ethan truly is and my theory on why Ethan knows the exorcism words is because he has had them said to himself many times. I think Ethan has requested or was forced to go through an exorcism himself to remove his "demon". Who knows how many time but one would think that if enough occurred (with no results) eventually he would learn the words to them for a self exorcism. He may have even requested a priest to teach him to remove his own “demon.”

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    The Great Plan In 'Good Omens' Was Never Meant To End The World

    From Redditor u/Salmanbhairocks:

    tldr: The Great Plan was never meant to end the world, it was to redeem Crowley.

    Crowley from the Good Omens series is clearly one of the most dangerous demons. He not only tempted Eve but also tried to tempt Jesus. Yet from what we actually see Crowley doing he is not beyond redemption, most evidently in the Crucification scene. If anything he seems to empathize with God's son! We can also see that he has traits that would be extremely valuable for a divine agent working with humans, like understanding mechanics and space travel. I think the Great Plan was not meant to destroy the world but redeem Crowley. God knew that the Angels would never accept him back nor would she able to get Crowley to repent given Hell's hierarchy. We clearly see Crowley does not operate discreetly. In the Crucification scene he was hanging out with an angel before Jesus himself, so it's highly unlikely God didn't know about their discretions. It's clear that the Great Plan was to redeem Crowley and give him another chance at heaven.

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    David Is Alive In 'Shadow and Bone'

    David Is Alive In 'Shadow and Bone'
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    From Redditor u/LydiaIGuesso:

    I’m almost certain that David is gonna be the “chemist” they break out of the ice court. We never saw him die, we never saw his body, and the last place he was known to be alive was a laboratory. I will cling onto hope lol.

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    Agreus And Sophie Paralleled Each Other In 'Carnival Row'

    From Redditor u/AnaisKarim:

    Basically, he [he ended up with] what Sophie wanted. The wealthiest person in the Borgue, with the popularity to get elected Chancellor. And he actually regards Imogen as his equal partner, not a trophy to be owned and controlled.

    Also Agreus never wanted to be like the Borgue men, he just wanted to be FREE. So he understands that the other fae just want to be free, [as did Sophie].

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