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A New Fan Theory Is Blowing Up On Reddit, And It Will Change How You Watch Star Wars Clone Wars

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Although the prequel trilogy of Star Wars films might not go down as George Lucas's best films, they did spawn a collection of expanded universe material that went on to impress fans. Two of the most important were Star Wars: Clone Wars and the later CGI animated series The Clone Wars. These two television shows essentially showed two versions of the Clone Wars, filling in the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Although they were depicting more or less the same events, they differed wildly from each other both in content and tone.

Now, Reddit user onex7805 has suggested that this difference between the two shows could be explained. The Star Wars fan theory argues that the first show is a true telling of the Clone Wars while the later series - if you can wrap your mind around this - is actually propaganda put out by the Republic to make them look better during the conflict. As a Star Wars Reddit theory it has already garnered plenty of attention thanks to its compelling arguments, all of which have been outlined below.

  • The Intros For Each Show Suggest One Could Be Propaganda

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    When you compare the opening sequences for each of the two shows it becomes clear that they are entirely different. The Clone Wars begins each episode as if it is a wartime broadcast meant to inspire the population. A booming and heroic voice explains the story so far, in a way that portrays the Republic as undoubtedly good and the Separatists who are the embodiment of evil. In contrast the introduction for Star Wars: Clone Wars feels much more like it is a documentary. There is no inherit bias to it, with each episode appearing to be how the conflict actually played out.

  • The Difference In Clone Portrayal Hints At A Conspiracy

    One of the main features of the Clone War was the fact that the Republic’s army was made up of clones. After all, it is what the entire event was named for. The 2003 show depicted them much more as ruthless soldiers that had been bred to be a sort of cross between droids and humans. They would have the intelligence and cunning of a living thing combined with the obedience and lack of emotional baggage that comes with using a robot.

    However, in the 2008 incarnation, the clones are given much more personality. They are made to look as if they are just like other people rather than slaves who have been genetically modified for war. This could have been an essential propaganda decision by the Republic to ensure that the public don’t mistrust them or feel the government is abusing them.

  • Anakin Is Far More Heroic In The Clone Wars

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    Perhaps the most significant change between the two depiction of the war that suggest the latter is propaganda is how Anakin Skywalker is presented. In the earlier series, the young Jedi is more of a renegade. He acts like a rebellious youth who disobeys his superiors and is slowly learning to become a Jedi as he struggles to overcome an inflated sense of his abilities and power. Meanwhile, the later show uses Anakin almost as if he is a poster boy for the Republic. Here he is a heroic Jedi warrior who constantly battles evil and rarely does anything wrong – as if he is being used to try and convince the public the war is going well.

  • General Grievous Became A Comical Bumbling Character In The Newer Series

    The original vision for General Grievous was for him to be a daunting new villain within the Star Wars universe who could inspire fear. In Star Wars: Clone Wars the robot general was a fearless warrior who was deadly and callous. Essentially, Grievous is a Jedi hunter capable of defeating even the most powerful masters in combat. By the time of 2008’s The Clone Wars the character is portrayed as comic relief. No longer is he some evil mastermind but more of a capable, albeit cowardly and traitorous, fighter. This doesn’t quite square with his known reputation as the best and most skilled Jedi, almost as if the Republic is deliberately making him seem less terrifying.