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A New Fan Theory Is Blowing Up On Reddit, And It Will Change How You Watch Star Wars Clone Wars

Although the prequel trilogy of Star Wars films might not go down as George Lucas's best films, they did spawn a collection of expanded universe material that went on to impress fans. Two of the most important were Star Wars: Clone Wars and the later CGI animated series The Clone Wars. These two television shows essentially showed two versions of the Clone Wars, filling in the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Although they were depicting more or less the same events, they differed wildly from each other both in content and tone.

Now, Reddit user onex7805 has suggested that this difference between the two shows could be explained. The Star Wars fan theory argues that the first show is a true telling of the Clone Wars while the later series - if you can wrap your mind around this - is actually propaganda put out by the Republic to make them look better during the conflict. As a Star Wars Reddit theory it has already garnered plenty of attention thanks to its compelling arguments, all of which have been outlined below.