Fancy Schmancy Restaurants From Film And TV That Are Perfect For A Special Occasion

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On the big and small screens, food is often used as a measure of wealth. The more elaborate the presentation, the more complicated the aesthetic appeal, the more expensive the restaurant… the richer the clientele. Whether an animated French favorite or a glimpse of gelée on an ornate appetizer, fancy food in the realm of fiction just seems, well, fancier. Not to mention tastier. But do you ever wonder how much it might cost IRL?

Just for fun, we took a few high-end fictional restaurants from favorite movies and TV shows and tried to figure out how much it might cost to dine there in the real world and what they might serve. Using the menus of comparable restaurants in the area at the time, as well as courses and meals mentioned in the script or shown briefly on-screen, as well as any influences drawn for the given restaurant, we've attempted to re-create a few of the specials they might offer, the pricing at the time of the story, the adjusted price for today, and the perfect occasion to visit said dining establishment.

Bon appétit!