Fancy Shmancy Porta Potties You Should Check Out

When you think "porta potty," you probably think of a terrible-smelling, boiling-hot, germ-covered nightmare. And most the time, you'd be right. While most porta potties at music festivals, county fairs, or other outdoor events are likely going to be just as horrifying as you fear, it turns out that there's another side to the porta potty coin. One with no flies, no pee-covered seats, and no hassle. These are the luxury porta potties beloved by the 1%.

This list includes some of the classiest porta potties ever peed in. They're the fancy movable toilets of the rich and famous. From ones used by actual celebrities to others covered in real gold, if you get to relieve yourself in one of these bad boys, you're doing just fine. Take a look at just how glorious porta potties can be. But remember: once you've seen the wonder that is an air-conditioned porta potty with an attendant who hands out chilled Champagne, you'll never be able to go back to those regular plastic, disgusting sh*t holes again.