Total Nerd This Woman Goes To Awesome Locations From TV And Film And Her Pictures Are Your Next Vacation Goals  

Zack Howe
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If you're not familiar with the FanGirl Quest Instagram, prepare to be totes jelly. This outrageously lucky woman gets to do what can only be described as "nerdy travel" for a living – going to film and television shoot locations around the world. Considering that these spots are chosen specifically for their visual captivation, it's not surprising these locations are either breathtakingly beautiful or exceptionally unique.

FanGirl Quest's 20,000 followers, have earned her sponsorships, affording her the ability to work this dream job full-time. Well, you can envy all you want, but why not actively try to emulate her? At least a little. These film and tv show locations look epic and they're all over Europe and North America – so there's a good chance one is near you. 

Take a gander at these nerdy locations to get inspired for your next vacation, and vote up the spots you'll be traveling to first. 

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Game Of Thrones - Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland


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The Flash - Kamui Mintara (Playground Of The Gods), Vancouver


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Arrow - Whytecliff Park, Canada


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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Puzzlewood, Forest Of Dean, England


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