Hilarious Posts That Call Out Disney Princesses

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We love Disney princesses for their heroic tales, overcoming of evil, and (usually, by the end) very fancy gowns. From Snow White to Raya, these leading ladies deserve all the adoration they get. That said, it's not like they're perfect, which is something fans have readily posted about all over the internet. Whether it's Ariel not taking into account that Prince Eric is probably terrified by the singing, dancing aquatic life during "Kiss The Girl" in The Little Mermaid, or the fact that it seems like Belle openly ridicules her town and the people in it every morning in Beauty and the Beast, let's just say these princesses have a few things worth calling out. Seriously, are we to believe that Cinderella is the only person in the kingdom with a shoe size that fits the glass slipper?!

Check out this list of hilarious posts that call out Disney princesses, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    Mulan Has Different Priorities

    Mulan Has Different Priorities
    Photo: Lola / Pinterest
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    A Bachelorettes Party

    A Bachelorettes Party
    Photo: VT55 / Pinterest
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    That Morning Energy

    That Morning Energy
    Photo: Jackie Garcia / Pinterest
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    Let's Not Forget Nala

    Let's Not Forget Nala
    Photo: Taya Dyakiv / Pinterest
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    Everyone Can Hear You, Belle

    Everyone Can Hear You, Belle
    Photo: MickyHardinggg / Twitter
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    Is It Safe?

    Is It Safe?
    Photo: Alyssa Stone / Pinterest
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