'Harry Potter' Fans Savagely Roast The Chosen One Himself

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Harry James Potter. The Chosen One. The Boy Who Lived. By whatever name, HP is one of the most beloved characters to cast a spell on the big screen in movie history. That said, he's not flawless. In fact, certain Harry Potter fans online will point out that the famed boy wizard might need to be knocked down a point or two. Whether it's someone bemoaning the fact that Harry absolutely wasted his Quidditch talent or another questioning his innate trust in a woman who told him to run straight into a brick wall, these roasting posts are as hilarious as they are brutal.

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    Boyfriend Material

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    Meta Namer

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    No Means No

    No Means No
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    The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf
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    Along For The Ride

    Along For The Ride
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    In Shambles

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