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21 Fans Are Sharing Posts About The Villains Of DC That We Never Thought About Before

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A wise man once said, "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain," right before turning into the thing he sought out to destroy. Harvey Dent's heartbreaking revelation is one of the many examples as to why DC villains have so much depth and character. For years fans across the internet have assembled to discuss interesting and often hilarious things about their favorite DC antagonists. Here are some of the best posts shared about DC villains that fundamentally change how we view them. 

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    The Biggest Missed Opportunity In The DC Universe

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    A Possible Reason For Why These DC Characters Became Super Villains

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    Ratcather 2 Was The Voice Of The Audience In ‘The Suicide Squad’

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    Adulthood Is When You Realize Bane Actually Made Some Really Good Points

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