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People Describe Their Worst Celebrity Encounters That Made Them Regret Meeting Their Heroes

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The phrase "don't meet your heroes" is used for a reason, and these Redditors understand it all too well. Maybe the unpleasant celeb was just having a bad day, or maybe they really do lack personable skills.

A number of Redditors explained how they finally got the chance to meet one of their idols, but the experience unfortunately went up in flames.

  • From a former Reddit user:

    My best friend growing up had [meeting an idol] go so badly, he ended what was nearly 20 years of fandom right then and there. He worked for one of the big shoe stores and had won a contest to go to the All-Star festivities for the NBA. He met a lot of current and former players and coaches and had a blast. Until he met Michael Jordan. Being a sneakerhead, my friend owned originals or rereleases of every shoe Jordan ever had up until that point. It was something like 30 shoes if you counted the different colorways. Posters, jerseys, trading cards, and memorabilia of all types adorned a room at his apartment. He sees Jordan and decides to just kind of hang out until he is done talking and just get a quick meet-and-greet, no photo, no autograph, just to say hey. Jordan ends his conversation, and my friend steps up near him, and Jordan basically asks him who the f*ck he is, what he wants, and acts like [a jerk]. My friend just tells him that he was a big fan and it was great to finally meet him. Jordan basically says, "Yeah, whatever," and walks away.

    He got home from the trip and started selling off his collection of shoes and all things Jordan. He had heard the stories and assumed they were just overblown or didn't happen. Nope, Jordan is a c*ck in real life.


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  • From Redditor u/br34kf4s7:

    I used to love science as a kid, and I'd watch a ton of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He was autographing stuff at the St. Louis Science Center. I think I was about eight or 10 years old and super f*cking excited to see him. My mom bought me a poster with dinosaurs on it that he could sign for me.

    Waited about five minutes in line to see a very bored, pissed-off Bill Nye. Told him I really liked his show and that I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up. He literally said, "Yeah, whatever, kid," under his breath, and signed my poster, then loudly said, "NEXT!"

    I wasn't too bothered about it to be honest, but I remember my mom being like, "Huh, he was kind of [a jerk], wasn't he?"


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  • From Redditor u/ConanTheRoman:

    Oh, this one is fun...

    I went to a Blondie concert a few years ago and was allowed to go backstage with my friend who was with a talent marketing agency.

    Debbie Harry was there talking to some people from the band, and we didn't want to disturb her, so my friend asks one of the guys in the band if he could be in a picture with him instead. I had a pretty nice camera with me. This was nearly a couple of decades ago, so it was a camera with a roll of film inside. The guy in the band was fine with it, so I took the picture with my friend and the band member in the foreground, and Debbie in the background.

    As soon as I took the picture, Debbie f*cking exploded on me! I explained the situation, but she just freaked out and told me she'd call the cops if I didn't give her the film roll in my camera right away and did I want to go to jail? I asked what she thought the cops would send me to jail for. She just pushed the decibels up one level and just repeated, "Give it to me! Give me the f*cking film roll!" over and over.

    At this point, I'm thinking, "Yes, this used to be Debbie Harry, but right now she's just some crazy person, and I do have the option of just not interacting with crazy persons," so I just take a couple of steps to walk away.

    Right away, she screams like she's just been stabbed or something. Just this loud, high-pitch, continuous scream. These two enormous guys appear, and she tells them to take my camera, the same way you'd imagine a queen saying, "Off with his head!"

    The two heavy guys are like, "Give us the camera, or there's gonna be trouble." So I pull out my phone and say, "Right, I'm calling the cops."

    Something must have worked in the way I said this, because a person I assume was Debbie's manager then says, "Okay, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna buy the film roll from you. How much do you want for it?" I say, "I don't know. I've got a few nice pictures on there. Maybe a hundred pounds for the trouble?" Without flinching, he pulls out his wallet and, I don't know, maybe he misheard me or he's just not good with numbers, but he takes a whole wad of £50 banknotes and counts 10 £50 notes out loud, which he gives me. This is way more than what I asked for, so I'm completely confused by now, and I just open the camera and give him the film. The end.

    Every time I listen to one of Blondie's songs now, I keep wondering what it was that got her to freak out like that, or why this guy just gave me so much more for the film roll.


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  • From Redditor u/babyphattt:

    When my friends and I were like 17 to 18... we went to see an X Factor taping... when Demi Lovato (Disney star who was a judge on the show) was pulling out of the studio driveway... My friend just said, “OMG, I love you so much. You saved my life,” and [Lovato] was so angry and just said, “Get the f*ck away from me,” in the b*tchiest manner ever and drove off. She is bipolar, but he still never liked her after that and was so heartbroken.


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