The Top Fantastic Four Reboot Casting Choices

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The Fantastic 4 needs another reboot ASAP. That said, it's time to recast the Fantastic 4 ! This Fantastic 4 casting list includes all the top choices for actors to play the roles of Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic, Sue Richards/ The Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch, and Ben Grimm/ The Thing. 

Rumors are flying that the movie is looking to be cast a little younger than the first incarnation, Fantastic 4, so that really opens up the possibilities of people you could submit and vote for in the Fantastic 4 cast. Rumors are also floating around that Chronicle actor Michael B. Jordan is the only name being thrown around for the Human Torch, so there's a real possibility that someone you add to the possible Fantastic 4 cast list could get a real look. Who knows?

Who should be cast in the Fantastic Four remake? The options are endless and the time is now to vote! Make sure you add your choices for the new The Fantastic Four cast if you don't already see the actors and actresses you think should be playing the parts on this list of proposed Fantastic 4 actors.

Let's hope for another Fantastic Four reboot!
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