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This list of Fantastic Four Easter eggs is a reminder that not all comic book movies are as packed with comic references as Marvel Studios films. There are Easter eggs in this reboot, but not on the level of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which shares the king of Easter eggs crown with Pixar. Maybe the Fantastic Four writers aren't huge comic book fans? Maybe they're counting on a sequel?

Fantastic Four plants plenty of seeds for sequels that will most likely never come to fruition, references that are much more interesting than the film itself. There are moments that have the potential to start a broad and interesting Fantastic Four universe, and then there's the rest of the movie. We didn't even get a shout out to X-Men, the other big Marvel property still owned by 20th Century Fox.

There are, however, a few great Easter eggs and comic references sprinkled throughout Fantastic Four, so naturally we've listed the hidden trivia for fans here. These are the coolest Easter eggs in Fantastic Four. Vote up your favorite comic references below!
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A Flying Car?!

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This one was actually in a few of the trailers. During the flashback to young Reed, his teacher (Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson) sarcastically asks the future Mr. Fantasic about his last outlandish project. He wonders if he's made his '"flying car" work yet. Any fan of the Fantastic Four knows that the Fantasticar is FF's favorite mode of transportation.

We're guessing it wasn't dark or gritty enough to actually make it in the movie.
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Johnny Storm Drives with Super Mario

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Johnny Storm enters the picture just as he's about to street race. Hanging from the rear view mirror of the car (barely visible so as to not be too on the nose) is a Fire Flower. In the Super Mario games when Mario gets the Fire Flower power up, he effectively gets the same powers as Human Torch.
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Planet Zero Is Very Cleverly Named

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The alien world that Reed's teleporter leads to is called Planet Zero. In the comics, the alternate plane of reality is called the Negative Zone. When you go past zero, the numbers become negativ. (0, -1, -2, -3, and so on). So theoretically, that would make any plane past Planet Zero.. the Negative Zone!
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Was That a Civil War Reference?

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It might have just been a coincidence but when the scientists are confronted by the military about using the Negative Zone, Doom scoffs that soon they’ll be sending prisoners across to the alternate dimension.

In the comics, that’s exactly what Reed Richards (supposed good guy), along with Tony Stark (usually good guy), do to those who openly oppose the Superhero Registration Act during Civil War, the Marvel Comics event that's the basis for Captain America: Civil War.