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Fantastic Four Movie Quotes

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Fantastic Four movie quotes bring the Marvel Comics superhero series back to theaters for another feature film. Based on the characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the 2015 film was written by Jeremy Slater, Simon Kinberg and Josh Trank. Directed by Josh Trank, Fantastic Four opened in theaters on August 7, 2015.

In Fantastic Four, Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey), whose efforts have long been futile, thinks he's finally found the key to his progress in Reed Richards (Miles Teller), a young prodigy. So Dr. Storm brings Reed into the mix, and, along with Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) and Susan Storm (Kate Mara), Reed conducts an experiment, which, unfortunately goes wrong and sends the four into an alternate universe.

Upon returning to earth, the four find themselves with new special powers. Reed turns into Mr. Fantastic, with the ability to stretch his body, Johnny becomes the Human Torch, who can shoot fireballs, Ben turns into Thing, a huge stone creature, and Sue becomes the Invisible Woman, who, well, can turn invisible. As if dealing with their new abilities isn't enough, they are forced to put those new skills in action when former ally Victor (Toby Kebbell) starts a war or epic proportions, leaving the Fantastic Four to work together to save them all.

Fantastic Four is just one of many great summer 2015 blockbusters and opens alongside the likes of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Vacation, Pixels, and Southpaw.
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    I Just Want My Work to Make a Difference

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    Sue Storm: You want to be famous?
    Reed Richards: I just want my work to make a difference.

    Reed Richards explains to Sue Storm that he's not there for his ego, rather to see the work that he's spent many years of his young life on make a difference in the world. Perhaps now is the time when the stars align and true progress is made.
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    This is Our Chance

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    Harvey Elder: Dr. Storm, we gave you six years and millions of dollars and you gave us nothing. What's different now?
    Dr. Franklin Storm: Reed Richards: He knows answers to questions we don't even know to ask yet. This is our chance to learn more about our planet and maybe even save it.

    Harvey Elder questions Dr. Storm on why the institute should continue to fund his various projects, especially because so far, Dr. Storm has not produced anything. But as Dr. Storm explains, with Reed Richards, they finally have an opportunity to do big things.
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    The Muscle

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    Ben Grimm: Don't let any of these lab coats give you any crap, all right?
    Reed Richards: Well, if they do I know who to call: The muscle.

    Both Ben and Reed know that each of the Fantastic Four have specific roles. While Reed is insanely intelligent, both know that Ben is better suited to deal with any physical pursuits.
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    We Should Use These Powers to Help People

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    Reed Richards: I just want to fix my friends.
    Ben Grimm: You can't fix this.
    Johnny Storm: We should use these powers to help people.

    Reed knows that the Fantastic Four have been changed during their voyage to an alternate universe and really wants to revert things back to they were before. But as Ben and Johnny point out, Reed can't change the past, they can only figure out how to use their new-found abilities for good.
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