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Vote up the funniest puns they should use on the show in the future!

If there are two truths in this world, the first is that Bob’s Burgers is one of the funniest shows on television, and the second is that puns are very hard to write. Yet somehow, the writers of the hit Fox animated series manage to come up with hilarious new puns for Bob's specials board in each episode. Not only do the puns manage to work in an extra layer of silliness to the show, but some of them actually sound like delicious creations... except for the “Edward James Olive-Most Burger.” This is a list of original Bob's Burgers puns that deserve a moment of glory on their very own specials board. Vote up the special you want to see on the show!

Writing funny Bob's Burgers puns is so much harder than you’d think. For every great burger pun, there are at least ten others that don't quite live up to the challenge. That’s just how it is in the pun game. Fortunately for you, every single one of these fantasy Bob's Burgers names is 100% golden and guaranteed to make you hungry for more. If you don’t get the yolks the first time, don’t beet yourself up. Sorry. It’s hard to stop making puns once you get in the gruyèreve. Ugh.

Vote up the funniest puns they should use on the show in the future! And if you’ve got a punny bone (sorry), add a couple of your fantasy Bob's Burgers puns to the list.
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  • 1

    The Don't Go Bacon My Heart Burger

  • 2

    Kaleing Me Softly Burger

  • 3

    That's What Cheese Said Burger

  • 4

    The Ricotta Be Kiddin' Me Burger

    (Served with extra Ricotta)
  • 5

    The Just Dill with It Burger

  • 6

    The Munster Mash Burger

  • 7

    The Lettuce Get It On Burger

  • 8

    Burger, She Wrote

    (Served with Angela Cranberry sauce)
  • 9

    The Mister Potato Bread Burger

    (Comes with fries and googly eyes)
  • 10

    To Bean or Not to Bean Burger

    (Comes with side of beans)
  • 11

    Cheez Louise Burger

  • 12

    The Jurassic Pork Burger

  • 13

    Jamaican Me Sweat (jamaican Jerk Burger Xtra Spicy With Side of Slaw)

  • 14

    The Semi-Charred Life Burger

  • 15

    The Love Me Tenderloin Burger

  • 16

    Parma Chameleon Burger

  • 17

    You've Got to Be Trippin' Mushroom Burger

  • 18

    She Blinded Me With Shallots Burger

  • 19

    Blue Cheese Oyster Cult Burger

  • 20

    Go Shawty It's Sherbert Day

    (No burgers, just ice cream)
  • 21

    Dawn of the Dill Burger

  • 22

    Fade Into Bleu Burger

  • 23

    The Bun Direction Burger

  • 24

    The Br-eggs-it Burger

  • 25

    The Life of Poblano Burger