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Fan Theories From Fantasy Movies That We Really Want To Believe

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Fantasy has always been such an incredible genre for film. With an abundance of magic, fascinating landscapes, and interesting characters, Fantasy movies always keep us invested int he story. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting fan theories surrounding a few of the most well known Fatnasy films.

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  • 1. Sarah Is Not The First 'Sarah' That Jareth Puts Through The Maze

    Photo: Labyrinth / Tri-Star Pictures

    From Tumblr user:

    My sister asked if the events of “The Labyrinth” are meant to be Sarah dreaming, or are they real? So why is David Bowie kidnapping a baby from an underage Jennifer Connelley?

    In a time long long ago a sorcerer named Jareth fell in love with a girl named Sarah. Sarah’s father and step-mother would not let her marry Jareth because they wanted her to keep her, as a servant, to care for their other child. In a fit of rage Jareth kidnapped this other child and spirited it away to the fairy world. In this new world Jareth built a palace for his Sarah. He turned the spoiled child into a goblin, and kept it to be a servant.

    Many stories of the fairy world tell us that time moves differently there than in our world (Rip Van Winkle for one). In the time it took for Jareth to build his kingdom, which he may have thought was little more than a few years, Sarah grew old and died. Overcome by grief and addled by a lifetime spent in a strange world filled with monsters, Jareth goes mad. He refuses to believe that he has lost his love. He searches the mortal world from his castle, looking for her.

    Sarah is Hebrew name. So, it is common, and has been in use for thousands and thousands of years. It does not take long (for him) to find a dark haired girl named Sarah, who has a younger sibling, and who feels that she is treated unfairly by her step mother. In a fit of rage he kidnaps this other child and spirits it away to the fairy world. Perhaps this new Sarah dies in the quest to find the child, perhaps she wins her sibling back and flees.

    Jareth searches the mortal world from his from his castle, looking for her.  It does not take long to find a dark haired girl named Sarah… This is how Jareth becomes the goblin king. Every goblin in the goblin city is a child Jareth has stolen, who was not recovered by a Sarah. (he told the current Sarah that Toby would become a goblin if she did not find him in time)

    This is why he builds the maze. The magic bog, the junk yard of useless treasures, all tricks to slow Sarah down. Because if he can only have his Sarah for the time it takes for her to regain the stolen child, he will make it take as long as possible, keep her as long as possible. This is why there exists in our world a book containing the story. Because it has happened before. So many times. At some point some lucky Sarah must have returned to our world to tell the story.

    This is why when the most recent Sarah first meets Hoggle at the start of the labyrinth, and introduces herself; “I’m Sarah”, Hoggle responds “That’s what I figured.”

    Because of course she’s Sarah. They were all Sarah.

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  • 2. The Dread Pirate Roberts Was Poisoning Westley

    Photo: The Princess Bride / 20th Century Fox

    From Redditor u/BARGOBLEN:

    The Princess Bride gives little details about how Westley developed his immunity, only saying he built it up over the course of a few years. But how? Well it's pretty easy, as The Dread Pirate Roberts took Westley under his wing, he began testing Wesley by poisoning his food with Iocane Powder gradually enhancing the amount he puts in, hence why every night before going to bed he would tell Westley "Good Job Westley, I'll most likely kill you in the morning." Repeating it everyday for three years because it seemed likely that the next dose of Iocane might be too much and kill Westley. After three years Westley's immunity grew and persisted, Roberts decided that his friend was ready to take over the role of the Dread Pirate Roberts, seeing his devotion to true love and his strength from withstanding the effects of Iocane Powder, making him a suitable candidate to replace him as Roberts.

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  • 3. Jack Sparrow Isn’t A God But He Does Have A Lucky Magic Token

    Photo: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/shahkabra:

    I don’t have a ton of physical evidence to prove he has a token of luck. But I do believe that his ridiculous feats make sense. Think about it. Their universe is drowning in magic. Especially magic objects. And they openly acknowledge it.

    We know Jack doesn’t plan anything and is usually drunk half the time. So how does he always end up escaping or winning? I think it’s luck, luck manifests from something he carries with him at all times.

    From u/TheToughBrets:

    This would probably require a rewatch, but it might be worth tracking how lucky he is when he has his hat on him. I remember it being a big part of the second film that he loses it and he winds up dead. He strolls through the port in the first film, removes his hat to save Elizabeth and instantly gets arrested and his worst enemies get drawn to where he is.

    From u/Qirk:

    I really like this theory. Would also make sense to suggest that the reason he was taken to Davy jones’ locker rather than simply just killed/eaten by the kraken could be because he recovered his hat immediately before getting “eaten” at the end of the film. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the films, but I could believe this.

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  • 4. The Accents In 'The Princess Bride' Are Odd Because Grandfather Is Doing Them

    Photo: The Princess Bride / 20th Century Fox

    From Redditor u/Stuckinthevortex:

    TLDR: The reason that the Albino assistant in the Princess Bride changes his accent is because in the framing story the Grandfather found it too difficult to continue.

    This assumes that all the accents in the movie imitate the voices the Grandfather would be using in the story, hence why Inigio Montoya has such a horrible Spanish accent, the Impressive Clergyman has such an exaggerated speech impediment and Miracle Max uses a Jewish accent. For the character of the Albino he tried to use a raspy, stereotypical villainous henchmen voice but found it too difficult and switched it to the vaguely cockney accent he uses during the rest of the film. The cough that the Albino makes was not in the story, but was a result of the Grandfather's voice hurting. It was interpreted by the boy as being part of the story, which is why we see it on screen.

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