35 Times You've Seen the Actors from Fargo Before

From unknowns to seasoned pros, the Fargo TV series actors come from all parts. Newbie Allison Tolman came out of comedy and brings a sparkling intelligence to Molly Solverson. Seasoned vets such as Ted Danson, Jean Smart, and Billy Bob Thornton add wonderful layers to the storylines. Adam Goldberg and Russell Harvard as Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench are efficient, but not nearly as much as Zahn McClarnon as the killing-machine Hanzee Dent.
Let’s look at the Fargo actors in other roles and find where you’ve seen them before. Recognize Michael Hogan from Battlestar Galactica? How about Elizabeth Marvel from House of Cards and True Grit? What else has Glenn Howerton done besides Always Sunny? And remember when Kirsten Dunst played a little girl vampire and hung out with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt? The Fargo TV show characters are a who’s who of range, depth, and delightful surprises.

Additional material by Eric Conner.

Photo: Geffen Pictures