Celebrity Trivia 16 Crazy Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About Al Pacino  

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Al Pacino is one of America’s greatest living actors. He’s walked the boards in Richard the Third, he screamed in Jamie Foxx’s face in Any Given Sunday, and he was in a little film called The Godfather. No big deal, you probably haven't heard of it. If there’s anything that can stand shoulder to shoulder with his performances, it’s the all of the great Al Pacino stories.

Like all great artists, Pacino is kind of a weirdo. These Al Pacino facts will definitively prove that he's been living the life of an aristocrat for longer than he can remember. From his longstanding feud with another Hollywood A-Lister, to the amount of money he charged fans to ride on a plane with him (hint: it’s the most expensive plane ticket you can ever buy), these Al Pacino life lessons will give you a new insight into his very strange lifestyle.

Whatever you thought Al Pacino was going to be like in his private life, you were probably wrong. It seems that when he’s not on stage, he’s just thinking about how he can get on stage. And when he gets there, he’s just in a whole other state of being that can’t be predicted.

Aside from the weirdness of his on-set behavior, there are also the stories of Pacino smashing phones, his love of a famous 19th century poet, and the strange connection he shared with his character from The Godfather. Put on your fancy scarf and get ready to learn everything you never knew you wanted to know about Al Pacino. 

He Can't Remember The '70s

Is there anything cooler than a star who says that can't remember the era where they were making their best stuff? Bowie allegedly couldn't remember recording Station to Station, and Pacino says that most of the '70s are a wash.

While sitting down with Entertainment Weekly in 2015 he said: "Somebody even asked me about a couple of movies I had done in the '70s and asked me to talk about the '70s and I remember saying, ‘I don’t remember the '70s. I cannot recollect them. I have these moments I remember. Some of the movies I was in only because there were posters with my name on them." Do you think he was on the cocaine and red peppers diet?

Pacino Was Almost Fired From The Godfather


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You know that groundbreaking performance that Pacino made in one of the greatest films of all time? Well, it almost didn't happen thanks to nervous studio heads. In 2015, Pacino told Nightline: "They wanted to fire me when I was on the picture ... [during] the shooting, first couple of weeks. Because they kept seeing the rushes, you know, or the footage that was shot, and they kept looking at it and thinking, ‘What is he doing?’” Oh just making one of the greatest movies of all time, that's all. 

Pacino Once Based An Entire Performance On A Scene That Was Cut

During a 2007 Q&A, Pacino revealed that he based his entire character in a then unnamed film (that's now known to be Heat - one of the greatest heist films ever made) off of one scene that was left on the cutting room floor. He told the audience:

"I was in a movie once, which will go nameless, and I did a certain thing in this movie: I based my entire character on a scene of me snorting cocaine.  And no, this isn't Scarface. There was just one little scene of me chipping cocaine, so that's what I did. Well, they cut that scene out of the picture. They had their reasons for it, legitimate reasons I'm sure. But what happened is I based my character on the fact that he chipped cocaine, so my interpretation — my reactions to things — were colored by that." 

He Once Got So Mad At Siri He Smashed His Phone


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Everyone's had an annoying run in with Siri at one point in their iPhone owning lives, but Pacino responded in the way that everyone wishes they could. Pacino was allegedly eating at LA diner Brite Spot with Christopher Walken (which is insane by the way - hopefully they split a piece of peanut butter pie) and he got so tired of Siri giving him misinformation that he allegedly smashed his phone and said, "That’s the last time that f*cking witch speaks to me!" Sure. Why not, Mr. Pacino?