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Fascinating Facts Most People Don't Know About Tim Burton

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There's something spooky about Tim Burton. Maybe it's his movies, which tend to feature rattling skeletons, dark humor, and macabre themes. Or maybe it's the fact that when you Google "Tim Burton life," stories come up about his obsession with Vincent Price and his very real fear of shellfish. And then there's the whole Disney chapter - he was an apprentice at the animation studio, but was fired after his work was deemed too dark and twisted for children. But Burton's biography is marked by success as well. During his decades in Hollywood, he's created blockbuster films and introduced audiences to enduring characters like Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice.

Even with all of that mainstream success, Burton is still thought of as an oddball. For every award-winning film he releases, there are always a handful of weird facts about Tim Burton written in the review. Perhaps these bizarre Tim Burton facts are what make him such a skilled director.

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    He Didn't Actually Direct "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

    Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Burton's most famous films, but he didn't direct it. He developed and produced the animated feature, but frequent collaborator Henry Selick was the man calling the shots behind the camera. Burton was in the middle of shooting and editing Batman Returns for Warner Bros. when work began on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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    He's Obsessed With Vincent Price

    Photo: Edward Scissorhands / 20th Century Fox

    Burton was not only influenced by horror icon Vincent Price, he made a short film about him. Sort of.

    In 1982, Burton made an animated short called Vincent. The protagonist in the story was Vincent Malloy (not Vincent Price, but Price did narrate the film), a young boy that looks a heck of a lot like Burton and wants to grow up to be just like Vincent Price.

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    He Snores So Loudly That Helena Bonham Carter Slept In Another House

    Photo: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street / Paramount Pictures

    Tim Burton and longtime partner Helena Bonham Carter split up in 2014, but even before calling it quits they lived in separate homes. While they enjoyed having personal space in the relationship, the real reason Carter slept somewhere else was because of Burton's thunderous snoring.

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    He Did Concept Art For "The Black Cauldron"

    Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

    After studying animation at CalArts, Burton landed an apprenticeship at Walt Disney Productions. While none of his work made it into the final film, Burton did concept art for the Disney animated feature The Black Cauldron.

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