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Fascinating Facts Most Folks Don't Know About Killer Whales: The Sea's Most Brilliant Hunters

Killer whales are some of the most beloved and revered animals that call the ocean home. Much like their dolphin relatives, orcas are incredibly intelligent and seem to share many familial and social bonds like humans. They can hunt in packs, traveling in formations and utilizing surprisingly knowledgeable techniques to kill prey. Thanks to movies like Free Willy, killer whales enjoy a positive reputation that even led to scandals being exposed at SeaWorld out of concern for their safety. 

While the name may seem harsh, it's actually very appropriate as these aggressive animals are just behind some of the most efficient killers in the entire animal kingdom. In fact, even great white sharks are terrified of orcas, a lesson that would be wise for everyone to remember. Read on to learn some fascinating facts about the killer whale, an apex predator that knows no mercy.