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10 Fascinating Facts About India's Ancient Tantra Tradition

When people talk about tantra today, they're not normally talking about the tantric religion or the history of the tantric tradition. They're talking about sex. Weird, vibrating, hour-long-orgasms-without-ever-touching sex. Bodies bent into positions humans shouldn't even be able to get into sex. But tantra is actually an entire tradition found in some Indian religions - and the history of tanra is fascinating, if a bit confusing. 

In fact, Buddhism and Hinduism both have had strong associations with tantra. But the more you look at tantric tradition facts, the more you see it's a complex, unwieldy, and almost undefinable tradition that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. There's astrology; there's yoga; there's imagining yourself as deity - it's a belief system, which, in its way, encompasses everything a strong belief system should. And yes, there's some pretty weird sex stuff - in some sects, anyway. So you won't be disappointed.