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12 Theme Park Secrets That’ll Make You Miss Waiting In Line

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These park secrets, hacks, and little known facts for different theme parks will make you nostalgic for standing in crowds and paying $7 for a bottle of water. Once covid restrictions let up and we can finally enjoy theme parks mask (and worry) free, hopefully this list will come in handy!

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    "Magic Water"

    We know that if you ask for water, Disney will give you small, free cup of water. Rumor on the internet is that if you ask for "magic water" you may occasionally get lucky and get a free cup of Sprite! While it's debated on different blogs, social media platforms, and discussion boards, Disney goers like Dave B have reported that this is something that has worked for them before: "...it has worked three times in the last two days. They cast member looked at me and smiled every time and then gave me a large sprite." Definitely sounds like it worth a try!

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    Edible Plants In Tomorrowland


    One of the themes of Tomorrowland in Disney is sustainability. To go along with that, most of the plants in this part of the part are edible. For a list of some of the plants, check this out!

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    Free Beer At Seaworld

    At one point, SeaWorld gave out free beer to visitors. This ended in 2009, but they brought it back in the Summer of 2019. The park was closed in 2020 because of Covid-19, but fingers crossed the free beer will be back when it opens!

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    Disney's Feral Cats

    Disneyland has a long history of feral cats roaming the property. They've been around (unintentionally) since the park opened and were never removed because they help limit rodents and, honestly, don't hurt anybody. The cats were not publically acknowledged until 2010 when the LA Times wrote about them. They are taken care of by park employees and vets. Read more about it here.

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