What Fashion Choice Immediately Makes You Suspicious Of Someone?

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Vote up the fashion statements that immediately tell you everything you need to know about someone; vote down the ones that don't have that power.

You can learn a lot about people who consider themselves single-issue voters when you find out what they consider to be the single-most important social issue facing the US today. Similarly, a person's favorite band – or their favorite food – can be revealing far beyond music or gastronomic taste. In reality, there are just some things people can like that immediately reveal their taste and preference subtleties at depths beyond the surface. 

Fashion choices are no different. The choice of a hat, or the fit of a shirt, or the amount of jewelry someone wears might just reveal everything you need to know about a person. While the adage that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover certainly has merit, pukka shell necklaces are a pretty revealing cover aren't they? Vote up the clothing and jewelry choices that speak the most volumes.

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  • Multi Popped Collars
    635 votes

    Multi Popped Collars

  • Anything Ed Hardy
    630 votes

    Anything Ed Hardy

  • Five Fingers Skeletoes
    636 votes

    Five Fingers Skeletoes

  • Mesh
    649 votes


  • Popped Collars
    604 votes

    Popped Collars

  • Sandals With Socks
    639 votes

    Sandals With Socks