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Fashion Designers Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Updated 6 Jun 2019 11.8k views95 items

Photos of fashion designers whose names you know, but who you might not be able to pick out of a lineup. What does Manolo Blahnik look like? He looks like a guy with a lot of money. Maybe you've seen already photos of fashion designers at their own runway shows. Maybe you already know what all the people on this list look like. Great! But this list is for folks who are wondering about the faces behind the famous brands, and also the bodies and the clothes. 

This list of fashion designer photos includes information about the company founders themselves, including when they started their famous brands. Some of the famous fashion designers on this list are long gone, their companies now run by family members or other people. Here are photos of famous shoe designers as well as high fashion designers of both men's and women's apparel.
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