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19 Fashion Trends That Should Make a Comeback

List RulesVote for the retro fashion trends from the 70s-2000s that you'd like to see make a comeback

A list of '70s, '80s and '90s fashion trends that have fizzled out, but could totally make a comeback. These retro fashion trends were awesome to start with and could be even better the second time around. Fashion is cyclical, so it wouldn't even be that big of a stretch for many of these '80s fashion trends to return in a big, mainstream way. Many '80s and '90s trends have already made a comeback so there is absolutely no reason why these shouldn't, too. Bring them back!

While we'd be happy if many of the worst fashion trends in history never return, we think these ones should. Vote for your favorite past trends of the '70s, '80s and '90s and add any old fashion trends that you'd like to see come back.
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    Peasant Tops

    Something about these tops makes everyone look like a character in a romance novel, and it's kind of amazing.  
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    Chokers always had a certain high-fashion look to them, don't you think? And Anna Kendrick is totally on the choker train. 
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    Halter Tops

    Best when paired with low-rise jeans.
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    Flare Jeans

    Especially for those of us who don't look great in stick-straight jeans, flare jeans are way more flattering. 
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