The Best Shows About Fashion & The Fashion Industry

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Feeling stylish? Here are the best fashion TV shows that have ever aired. Whether you're looking for reality shows about modeling or dramas about the fashion industry, this list of fashion TV shows currently has something to fit your watchlist wardrobe. What are the best fashion series to watch?

Fashion reality shows like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway offer peeks at professionals in the fashion industry, while Queer Eye shows that being stylish isn’t impossible for the average human. Comedy-dramas like Ugly Betty and The Bold Type, or sitcoms like Just Shoot Me! offer laughs and looks at characters as colorful as the clothes they work with. Other good fashion TV shows include The Rachel Zoe Project, Gossip Girl, and What Not To Wear.

Out of all the fashion shows out there, which are a cut above? Help decide and vote up the best fashion shows - and find out where your favorites rank.

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