18 Small Details Fans Noticed In The 'Fast and Furious' Franchise

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The Fast And Furious franchise means different things to fans depending on when they started watching. What started as a car enthusiast's dream has drifted farther into a franchise more along the lines of the MCU, with action and defied physics to match. Long gone are the days of racing for pink slips. Now fans are treated to such gems as driving a car through skyscrapers, pulling an entire vault down a busy street, and racing an airplane down an impossibly long runway. However, with such a deep catalog of films, there are plenty of options depending on what you want to watch.

Regardless of whether you noticed these details on your first watch or your 100th, we're all “family.” Vote up your favorite details!

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    An Ad-Libbed Joke Made The Cut

    An Ad-Libbed Joke Made The Cut
    Photo: Fast & Furious 6 / Universal Pictures

    When it's not in the script, it has to hurt a little bit more. Redditor u/superanth pointed out that this line was ad-libbed during the filming:

    In Fast and Furious 6 (2013) Dwayne Johnson ad-libbed his ‘forehead’ joke, making Ludacris spit-take for real.

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    The End Of 'Furious 7' Is A Fitting Tribute

    True fans really understood the significance of this scene, and Redditor u/RedRiki24 pointed out the personal touch:

    In the Furious 7 (2015) ending, the car featured a Toyota Supra (MK IV) and a 1970 Dodge Charger as Vin (Dom) and Paul (Brian) parted ways, in tribute to Paul Walker. It was also the same car model that they used in the ending of the first F&F. The white Supra was Paul's personal owned.

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    Vince Has Scars From His Accident 10 Years Ago

    That's going to leave a mark. And it did! Redditor u/roto_disc pointed out the cool consistency between the two films:

    In Fast Five, Vince has scars on his arm from getting tangled up in The Fast and the Furious ten years earlier

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    Han's Name Is A 'Star Wars' Reference

    Han's Name Is A 'Star Wars' Reference
    Photo: Fast Five / Universal Pictures

    Redditor u/thenickdyer noted that there is a Star Wars reference in Fast Five:

    Han's name from the Fast and Furious franchise (Fast Five, 2011) is a reference to Han Solo from Star Wars

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    The Real Drift King Was There

    The Real Drift King Was There
    Photo: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift / Universal Pictures

    Redditor u/Ormo1996 spotted a familiar face in The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift:

    In The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, one of the fishermen despairing at Sean’s early attempts at drifting is the real-life ‘Drift King’ Keiichi Tsuchiya. Tsuchiya helped popularize the art and Touge driving, which also features heavily in the film.

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    The Coordinates On Screen Lead To A Real (And Different) Place

    Fate of the Furious takes fans on a ride, but if viewers follow the coordinates, as Redditor u/TBruno09 did, they can go on a different ride:

    In Fate of the Furious, before Dwayne Johnson's character is introduced, a latitude and longitude are displayed on screen to establish a setting. These coordinates are actually the exact coordinates of The Fast and the Furious ride in Universal Studios, Hollywood.

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