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The Dumbest Decisions In The ‘Fast And Furious’ Saga

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It's easy to dismiss The Fast and Furious films as big, dumb blockbusters. They're not about hot button issues, they don't feature sniffly monologues about the human condition, and not a single one of them has appeared in the Criterion Collection. Yet the Fast saga has something that many films - and even the critical jewels of cinema - lack: cars fighting submarines, cars fighting tanks, and cars fighting the laws of physics. It's not high art, but it's quite a lot of fun.

In short, the Fast & Furious movies are indeed big, crowd-pleasing blockbusters, but they are not inherently stupid. Every person involved with these films - from the cinematographers, to the directors, actors, and most importantly the stunt performers - knows exactly what they're making. Fast movies are designed to entertain and excite, and that's why audiences keep showing up for more.

However, this is not to say the Fast saga is flawless. Within its universe, several characters have made questionable decisions that defy logic. Some of these decisions had far-reaching consequences for the series, while others remain mysteries to this day.

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    Dom Abandons Letty ('Fast & Furious')

    After a job to swipe oil from a tanker truck goes explosively pear shaped, Dom decides it's time to stop putting his loved ones in danger. Yet, after kindly telling his buddies to pack up and go home, Dom decides the best way to protect Letty is to take off without saying a word and leave her a few thousand bucks on the nightstand. Yikes.

    Dom abandoning Letty is, by itself, a crummy thing to do to a person who left a comfortable, law-abiding existence in California, USA, to go be with the love of her life. (Letty knew what she was getting into when she tracked you down, Dom. She literally says, "Ride or die!") Yet it's the long-term consequence of this abandonment that really twists the knife.

    In hopes of clearing Dom's record, Letty agrees to go undercover for Brian, which leads to a series of extremely unfortunate events for the whole crew over multiple installments in the franchise. Dom's decision becomes even harsher in hindsight when we discover, in Fast 7, that he married Letty at some point in the past. This means Dom didn't just abandon his long-time lover in Fast & Furious, he walked out on his wife. Double yikes.

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    Sean Goes On A Date With A Yakuza's Girlfriend ('The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift')

    Technically, Takashi 'DK' Kamata isn't a full yakuza, and technically, Sean and Neela were just hanging out, but c'mon. We know what's up! 

    DK's uncle is a bonafide yakuza, which makes DK dangerous by association, and he isn't shy about using his underworld connection to terrorize anybody he doesn't like. Sean Boswell may be a naive gaijin, and an impulsive street racer to boot, but even he should understand that spending some alone time with DK's lady is a big no no.

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    Whatever's Going On With Brian And Monica ('2 Fast 2 Furious')

    The Fast saga could really use more Monica Fuentes, the undercover US Customs Agent who gathered intelligence on Carter Verone and kept Brian and Roman alive in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

    Here's the weird thing, though: It is never clearly established what the relationship between Monica and Brian is. Throughout the film, it seems like something's going on between them, and a strong argument can be made that the two have met prior to their introduction in the film's opening. It's possible that Monica and Brian are just super flirty, but it kind of feels like these characters have definitely hooked up before. That would at least explain why they share a kiss near the end of the film without remarking on it at all.

    Regardless, whether the two have a thing going on or they're just really into the idea, the fact remains that Monica is in an incredibly precarious position. She's the only government agent to last in Verone's employ, and a single slip up could scuttle the whole operation and put her life in jeopardy. Brian knows that better than anyone, and yet he and Monica continue to make eyes at each other over Verone's shoulder and generally flirt like teenagers. 

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    Deckard Shaw Wildly Overreacts To His Brother's Fate ('Furious 7')

    In the Fast saga, family is everything, so it makes sense that Deckard Shaw would want revenge on Dom for kicking his little brother out of a plane. Put that way, it almost sounds like Dom deserves it, but context is key.

    First of all, Owen Shaw is no innocent man. He's a mercenary responsible for taking the lives of several people and causing a considerable amount of collateral damage. He knew the risks inherent to his line of work, and so did Deckard. Second of all, while Owen was indeed booted from a plane and badly wounded, he wasn't slain outright. He's seen in the opening of Furious 7 in what appears to be a coma, and in the next movie he's not only walking around but healthy enough to carry out a military strike on Cipher's plane.

    So, knowing that Owen is, essentially, fine, what does Deckard do? He goes to Tokyo and crashes his car into Han's, ostensibly ending Han's life. He then blows up Dom's house and nearly takes out Mia, her unborn child, Brian, and their son. After that, he proceeds to track Dom and his crew around the world, blowing up government agents left and right, and even teams up with a straight-up terrorist to wipe everybody out.

    But he and Dom have a beer at the end of Fast 8, so apparently they're cool now.

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