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15 Awesome Board Games You Can Finish In An Hour (Or Less)

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Bored at home but don't want to commit to an entire day of getting mad at your friends over a drawn-out game of Risk? Check some of the fastest (and coolest) board games you can play in 60 minutes or less. While tabletop board games are one of the best way to help pass the time, many are put off by the idea of playing a game that takes hours to complete. Fortunately, here are tons of fast-paced titles that can be completed in under an hour. While it's possible to finish a game of Monopoly in an hour, it's pretty unlikely, so don't expect to find games like that table-flipping nightmare to show up here.

The games found on this list include a variety of fun board games and card games from a variety of genres. If you're looking for something new to play with your family and friends, take a look at the games listed below, and you're bound to find at least one that will fit your playing style and genre preference. Some games you may recognize, while others might be entirely new. Either way, if you see a game below that you enjoy playing in under an hour, give it an up-vote to see which one rises to the top of the list.

And if you're looking for a few fun board games that take hours (and/or sometimes even days) to finish, check out our list of the longest board games of all time.

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     Carcassonne (2000)

    Number of Players: 2 - 5

    Average Game Length: 30-45 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 7+

    Carcassonne is one of the games on this list that comes a bit closer to the 60-minute mark than others, but it's well worth any player's time. This fun and innovative tile-placement game is all about placing down tiles, meeples, and everything you can think of as the lovely French countryside of Carcassonne comes into place. Because the game involves the placement of tiles, no playthrough will be the same, offering a fun and engrossing playthrough each and every time you return to Carcassonne!

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  • Number of Players: 2 - 4

    Average Game Length: 30 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 13+

    Dominion puts the players into the role of a monarch, and it's time to expand their dominion, but unfortunately, there's only so much land to go around! Players work to gain lands and resources faster than their opponents in this game featuring delayed purchase, deck, bag, and pool building, hand management, variable setup, and a take that mechanic.

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      Cave Troll

      Number of Players: 2 - 4

      Average Game Length: 20-60 Minutes

      Recommended Ages: 10+

      Cave Troll is a fun family game where players control a party of explorers as they raid a cave troll's lair. With their small party of knights, thieves, dwarves, and other adventurers, players find artifacts and gold, but they must be careful, because the cave isn't just the home of a savage troll, other dangers lurk in the depths. Orcs, wraiths, and other magical and mystical beasties are there to ensure you don't plunder the cave troll's lair!

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        For Sale

        Number of Players: 3 - 6

        Average Game Length: 30 Minutes

        Recommended Ages: 10+

        For Sale is all about buying real estate, but it's not like Monopoly, so don't expect anyone to flip a table over this game. It's a fun and quick card game about managing real estate for fun and profit! Buy as much real estate as you can, but be careful about your purchases! You're going to need to sell them at the end to see who made the most profit.

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