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List Rules Who do you think is the fastest in all comic-dom? Vote up the speediest superheroes and supervillains. Vote down the super slowpokes.

Ranker Comics has a need... a need for speed! That's why we have collected a list of the 25 fastest characters in comics for you to rank. Whether they fight for the side of good or the side of evil, these 25 fastest characters have proven time and time again that they cannot be beaten in a race!

Of course there is The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. His hit TV show on the CW network has proven that this fan-favorite character is both beloved and popular enough to carry that Fastest Man Alive title. But, did you know that there have been several heroes to don the red tights and call themselves the Flash? In fact, Barry Allen isn't even the first hero to call himself the Flash! But you can't talk about speed in the DC Universe without mentioning those crazy Kryptonians like Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy! However, DC doesn't have the market cornered on speedy do-gooders! Marvel Comics has their own stable of complex men and women with the gift of super speed, including Quicksilver, Makkari, and Silver Surfer! There are all kinds of heroes, villains, and sidekicks with incredible speed and they are all racing at you!

So lace up those Nikes and grab a Gatorade! Ranker Comics' list of 25 Speedsters, including both the fastest superheroes and supervillains will leave you with your head spinning! It's a race out there and we want YOU to vote up your favorite runners and let us know if your favorite speedster wasn't on the list! After you are finished, head on over and vote on the list of most powerful comic book characters ever!

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The Flash (Barry Allen)
The Flash (Barry Allen) is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Fastest Characters In Comics
Photo: DC Comics

Barry Allen is the undisputed Fasted Man Alive in the DC Universe (just don't tell Superman we said that!). Working as a forensic scientist when a lighting bolt struck him and a shelf full of chemicals, Allen became the Scarlet Speedster during comic books' Silver Age.

Perhaps the most recognizable speedster in comics, Barry Allen now even has his own TV show on the CW! 

Powers & Abilities: Access to the Speed Force

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The Flash (Wally West)
The Flash (Wally West) is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Fastest Characters In Comics
Photo: DC Comics
One of the true legacy characters in comics, Wally West became the Flash once his mentor, Barry Allen, sacrificed himself in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wally started off as the Kid Flash and then became the Flash for an entire generation of comic book fans. The promotion from sidekick to headliner, and the fact that it stuck for so long, makes Wally one of the greatest runners to ever wear the red. 

Powers & Abilities: Access to the Speed Force

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Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Fastest Characters In Comics
Photo: DC Comics

Eobard Thawne (the Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom) is one of the Flash's arch nemeses. He has traveled from the future in order to either challenge the Flash to become stronger, or to erase his entire existence (depending on your preferred origin).

Thawne can also tap into the Speed Force and can run just as fast as any of the Flashes. 

Powers & Abilities: Access to the Speed Force

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Kid Flash
Kid Flash is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Fastest Characters In Comics
Photo: DC Comics
Kid Flash has been around since the Silver Age and a few heroes have taken on the name as teenagers. Perhaps the most popular teen to call himself Kid Flash was Bart Allen. Everything about Bart was fast - his speed, his passion, and his attention. Although Wally West was the original Kid Flash, it's Bart that has lived in the suit the longest. 

Powers & Abilities: Access to the Speed Force

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