Super Weird International Fast Food Items You'd Still Try

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As the great philosopher Drake once said, “You only live once,” which is why you should go out of your way to try everything you can while you’re still alive. This statement applies doubly to fast food in other countries. For many reasons, international fast food is the number one argument for visiting another country. Not only are the flavor profiles and spices completely different in each place, but so are the food laws, so you never know what you’re going to get when you stop at a Taco Bell in Vietnam, or a hot dog stand in Iceland. (Real talk: get a hot dog in Iceland.) Dig your passport out of your sock drawer and put your phone on airplane mode, because this list is full of weird fast food items around the world that you need to try... no matter how strange they might be.

Trying different fast food around the world is one of the hallmarks of being an international traveler. For anyone who’s ever left the country for an extended period of time, you know the familiar, yet alien feeling of popping into a McDonald's or Burger King in a foreign country and trying their version of your favorite fast food meal. For someone who rarely goes outside of their comfort zone, it can be a truly eye-opening experience.

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    Burger King's Pizza-Sized Burgers (Japan)

    Sometimes beauty is all about simplicity, especially if everything else in comparison is some strange Lovecraftian abomination. Burger king of Japan released a burger the size of a pizza, which you can take apart in burger slices and share with your friends. Assuming that you'd want to share, or have any friends left after they learn about your weird eating habits.
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    KFC's Edible Coffee Cups (The U.K.)

    KFC's Edible Coffee Cups (The U.K.)
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    Have you ever wanted a coffee cup you can eat afterward? Or perhaps you're going green and want to avoid tossing a styrofoam cup? Whatever the case, KFC understands and is giving you what you want. KFC's edible coffee cup is made from a wafer cookie and coated with white chocolate that keeps the heat inside.

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    Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Stuffed Crust Pizza (Middle East)

    Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Stuffed Crust Pizza (Middle East)
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    It seems like every Pizza Hut chain outside of America is far more ambitious with their creations; the Middle East and the U.K. are no exceptions. To pizza fans' delight (or maybe their horror), the Crown Crust Carnival Pizzas serve up what might be the weirdest stuffed crust offerings yet, with one being made entirely out of mini cheeseburgers.
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    Burger King's Xtra Long Chili Cheese (South Africa And Australia)

    Burger King has decided that their burgers simply weren't long enough, so they rectified this by adding a few inches - and a whole lot of meat. The Xtra Long Burger series looks like what would happen if Subway and Burger King had an affair. This particular Xtra Long features a mountain of meat, chili cheese, and jalapeños, stuffed into a sub-style bun.

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    Taco Bell's Chocodilla (Guatemala)


    There must be some miscommunication between consumers and fast food corporations, as they keep trying to put dessert where it doesn't belong. However, you'd probably still give the Taco Bell Chocodilla a try if you happened to be in Guatemala, right? It's basically a tortilla with Babe Ruth candy and chocolate sauce inside.

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    KFC's Double Down Dog (Philippines)


    You're likely familiar with KFC's original Double Down experiment: a chicken sandwich with fried chicken in place of the usual bun. Hailed as a failure, KFC refused to back down and decided to up the ante with their most ambitious project yet: the Double Down Dog. Chicken and chicken might have been off-putting, but pork and chicken? Why, it's brilliant!

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