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This Artist Turns Fast Food Brands Into Incredible Anime Villains

February 26, 2020 62.4k votes 6.3k voters 179.1k views21 items

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What if your favorite fast food brand had an impressive-looking mascot? Or even better - what if that mascot was a cool anime villain? Well, you're in luck because artist Sillvi has already done the work for you. From twisting the classic McDonald's clown into a Joker-esque villain to upgrading KFC's Colonel Sanders into a rugged, intimidating gentleman, this artist will blow your mind with his creative artwork. And we've gathered some of the best ones from his collection, ranked by your votes. 

Make sure you also check out some of Sillvi's other amazing art on his Instagram and Facebook!



  • 1. KFC

    Photo: Sillvi / Instagram
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  • 2. Wendy's

    Photo: Sillvi / Instagram
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  • 3. McDonald's

    Photo: Sillvi / Instagram
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  • 4. Jack In The Box

    Photo: Sillvi / Instagram
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