Weird History

What 'Fast Food' Looked Like In Every Decade Since The Turn Of The 20th Century

In the 1950s, fast food was all the rage. McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell dished up food across the country, and fast food restaurants in the 1960s expanded into delivery service. 1970s fast food restaurants served up the first fast food breakfast menus, including the world's first Egg McMuffin.

But what was fast food like in the other decades since 1900? Early 20th century fast food seems almost unrecognizable today. In Manhattan, hungry tourists and workers could pop into a store to buy meatloaf and mashed potatoes from a giant vending machine. In the 1940s, In-N-Out created the first modern drive-thru. And in the 1990s, fast food restaurants pioneered value menus to attract more customers. 

Even since the 1990s, fast food restaurants have changed their look and menus. But how else has fast food changed since 1900?