Sexy Fast Food Cosplay That Will Leave You Hungry For More

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Hungry for both food and fandom? Well, these cosplayers have cooked up just the dish to satisfy your pallet! These cosplayers appreciate quickly served comfort food so much that they've fully embraced the best fast food franchises in the most awesome (and possibly confusing) way possible. The sexy cosplays of fast food mascots just goes to show that with the power of creativity and imagination, literally anything can be possible, no matter how strange of a concept the idea may be.

Get a taste of some deliciously sexy fast food cosplay inspired by the chains of high-speed food service joints scattered across the world. These will fill your cravings visually, but definitely leave you with an appetite for burgers, fries, and greasy grub in real life. Vote up the cosplays that bring out the best in fast food mascots. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY