The 22+ Best Fast Moving Zombie Movies

For decades zombies chased after brains at a leisurely pace, but in recent years the undead have started running at breakneck speeds. The top fast moving zombie movies feature deadly threats and speedy villains. This is a list of the top fast zombie movies featuring everything from I Am Legend to Resident Evil to Dead Snow.

What movies will you find on this list of the top fast moving zombies films? Fans of retro gore might vote The Return of the Living Dead to the top. This 1985 horror classic is widely believed to be one of the first movies to introduce speedy zombies. Although zombie aficionado George Romero doesn't believe in the fast undead, the 2004 remake of his Dawn of the Dead features fast moving zombies. And not all flicks featuring these speedy monsters are grim – Zombieland is a hilarious project full of super fast zombies. Other good films featured on this top fast zombies movies list include State of Emergency, 28 Days Later, and Fast Zombies with Guns.

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Photo: ambroochizafer / Pixabay / CC0 1.0
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