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Ashley Reign
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Have you ever met someone who is way too talented for their mediocre job, and, as a result, has fine-tuned their laziness so that they can basically do their job in their sleep? Most of us have either experienced this firsthand, or at least know someone who has. If you can't get the job you love, sometimes, you have to just love the job you've got. The crafty employees below might not have the most exciting jobs in the world, but that certainly hasn't stopped them from devising ways to be more skillful and stylistic with the project at hand. This collection of GIFs features people who have taken efficiency at work to the next level - and beyond.  

Here you’ll find amazing GIFs of people making stuff, packing stuff, cutting stuff, and more. Not only can these employees do their jobs in their sleep, they can do them with the flair of a ninja warrior after a couple cups of espresso. Think a blender can chop an onion quicker than your average cook? One of the GIFs below will make you think again! Think painting those little white lines along the street must be an all day ordeal? Our guy below can do it lickety-split. 

Vote up the best people who have become ninjas at their jobs, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
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This Flawless Cement Transferring Team

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This Fast-Toasting Tortilla Warmer

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This Badass Onion Chopper

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These Fast and Furious Firemen

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